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The Runners - Hitting The Wall (1983)

(Australian 1981-185)
Paul McNaughton (who later changed his name to Norton) started playing bass in various bands in his teens, which led to the formation of the Melbourne band 'The Runners'. After a couple of years of constant live work The Runners were signed to Mushroom records in 1981 and released their first single "Sure Fire Thing" in 1982, followed by the album "Hitting the Wall" and the single "Endlessly".
The title of The Runners debut album Hitting The Wall (January, 1983) is a reference to the point during a distance race when an athlete is suddenly confronted by the barrier of his own exhaustion. I can well relate to this state having completed 8 marathon's in my earlier years - and hitting the wall is an under statement !
The Runners toured constantly throughout the early eighties and went through many line up changes, and recorded their final single "Twins" in 1984 before disbanding in 1985.

.After the Runners, Paul Norton played with 'Wendy And The Rockets' and later married Wendy, then went on to a solo career releasing a couple of albums, one being 'Under A Southern Sky' and also played with Pete Wells (ex Rose Tattoo) in 'Hillbilly Moon'. For more info on Paul , see his website
Lead singer Mark Edwards went on to record his own album 'Land of the living' which featured his minor hit single "World's Away". It didn't receive much attention at the time which is a pity, as it is quite a good album and is available at Friday On My Mind

.Trevor Reading has been a professional musician / producer / engineer for 26 years beginning in Melbourne rock band "The Runners" with Paul Norton while simultaneously building Studio 250 in Noble Park with Phil Butson. Around 1984, they began Sing Sing studios in Richmond with Kaj Dahlstrom. Trevor engineered and produced many artists at Sing Sing over the next decade.
Also during this time, Trevor played guitar with the "Richard Clapton Band" to promote his "Solidarity" album.
Trevor then left Sing Sing Studios to work with Joe Camilleri at his Woodstock Studios, engineering most of the artists that came through in the early years of Woodstock. He also played guitar and bass on many of Joe's projects.
Trevor then left the band circuit and moved into Musical Production. The West Wing studio that Trevor has designed and built is the culmination of 26 years of studio design and building experience (see his website)

Countdown Magazine Vol.1 No.7 Jan, 1983
 Grant Hamston went on to play drums with Wendy Stapleton in The Glee Club (1986) and Steve Hoy and The Hoy Boys (1987-88).


The rip was taken from my near mint vinyl copy at 320kps and I have included full album artwork including inserts. Also included is artwork for CD (thanks to Keith at Midoztouch) which I have modified to include the bonus tracks. Thanks also to Tom Mix Music for the vinyl rip of the "Twins" single. This is a great album - don't miss it !
Track listing
01. Endlessly (Hitting The Wall)

02. Sinai
03. Sure Fire Thing
04. Midnight Flight
05. Don’t Apologize
06. Penny Drop
07. Man So Simple
08. New Lands
09. Walk Between The Lines
10. Sky Is Falling
11. Hook Line And Sinker
12. Twins (Bonus A-Side single)
13. Pleasure Zone (Bonus B-Side single)

Band Members:
Mark Edwards (Vocal, Guitar)
Paul McNaughton (Bass, Vocals)
Trevor Reading (Guitar, Vocals)
Grant Hamston (Drums, Percussion, Vocals)
Other Credits:
Produced by Robert Ash
Mixed by Ernie Rose
Endlessly Produced by Charles Fisher
With James Black, Peter Jones, Mick O’Connor, Peter Sullivan/ Keyboards,
Wilbur Wilde/ Saxophone, Joanna Kamorin/ Backing Vocals

The Runners Link (113Mb) New Link 30/09/2013


  1. Thanks very much for the post. Saw The Runners once on Countdown, and never heard of them again. The songs on the album are still good to listen to. I bought 'Land of the Living', way back then, and it was a very good album. 'Worlds Away' is still a stand out song.

  2. Hi Andrew - yep, fully agree. Edwards 'Land Of The Living' was a great album - highly under rated and his single deserved better.
    By the way, his album is available on Deutros' blog 'Friday On My Mind' if you are after a digital copy

  3. Thank you soooo much for posting this! I visited in early 2013 and heard 'Endelssly' after 30 years! It was the discovery of the year! I am a very happy man! Cheers from Ranj

  4. Bought Maiden Australia compilation album at a recent vinyl sale.Runners Endlessly was on board. Good tune
    and enjoying discovering 80's Aussie Music. Minnesota
    Snowman just discovered Church! Christ what a good band

    1. Good to hear you're enjoying some of our great Aussie music Snowman. Plenty more to come Mate - so come back and visit again soon
      Cheers from DownUnder

  5. Just came across your site looking for album art for Hitting The Wall. I've just ripped from my vinyl copy but should have come here first to save time!
    This is a great album and enjoyed reading your band bio.
    I love aussie music from the 70's and 80's and will enjoy trawling through your site.
    Thanks so much.

    1. Thanks for dropping by Glenn and glad you found some material of interest. The Runners were certainly a highly under rated Aussie band and deserved greater recognition on the charts. Alas, the radio stations were too busy with the usual Stereo Type bands at the time - particularly those from overseas. Hope you find lots more here and if you have any special requests - just ask.

  6. i love this album and play it most saturday mornings, Mark was a friend of mine at school and i went and saw them many times, i would love to get a digital copy if possible??

  7. Mate - if you select the Runners link above, and then select the Green Mediafire Download button, you'll eventually get a single file in RAR format. You'll then need either WinRAR or WinZIP to expand the file out as a folder containing all tracks (in MP3 format) and artwork (in jpeg format). As the Meercats say 'simples'

  8. I got here looking up Mark Edwards "Land of the living', like others here I loved it & pity the lack of support it got. I now know the quality background Mark came from seeing where his band mates got to.

    I once asked Molly what happened to Mark career wise, I think he was sozzled, it was in a Perth nightclub but early in the night, so the response was underwhelming.

    Great blog, you're a gun.