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W.O.C.K On Vinyl - Qantas : There's Music In The Air (1971)

(Various Popular / Classical Artists 1971)
Before things get too serious here at Rock On Vinyl, I thought it might be fun to post a song / album at the end of each month, that could be categorized as being either Weird, Obscure, Crazy or just plain Korny.
For this months WOCK on Vinyl, I am posting something completely different from the norm and consider this album to be very Obscure (and rare). Therefore, it fits the WOCK on Vinyl criteria perfectly. Firstly, a little bit of background information about the featured Boeing 747B Airliner and its association with the Australian airline Qantas:

Qantas is Australia's largest airline and one of the oldest airlines in the world. Qantas was founded in Winton, Queensland on 16 November 1920 as Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Services Limited by Paul McGinness, Hudson Fysh, Fergus McMaster and Arthur Baird.
In 1967 the airline placed orders for the Boeing 747. This aircraft could seat up to 350 passengers, a major improvement over the Boeing 707. Orders were placed for four aircraft with deliveries commencing in 1971. The later delivery date allowed Qantas to take advantage of the -200B version, which better suited its requirements. Also in 1967, Qantas Empire Airways changed its name to Qantas Airways, the name of the airline today [extract from Wikipedia].
In 1969, the world saw a new giant of a plane: the Boeing 747. Airlines around the world bought the 747, in droves. Qantas however waited because Boeing already had a new 747 on the drawing board: the 747B. Boeing and Qantas worked...planning for a bigger upstairs lounge, experimenting with seat designs, reducing the number of seats to make more room or shaver bars, extra washrooms, bassinets. coat closets.

Boeing found ways to make the 747B quieter throughout: they extended the upstairs lounge, added fourteen extra panoramic windows, and moved the main gallery below away from passengers, so passengers would be away from the noise. Of course, the Qantas 747B gives you feature movies and the choice of seven music channels (of which some of their standard music selections are contained on this record)
The music on this album has certainly aged from the time of its release, and to be honest, it's not really my cup of tea. However, I would imagine that some of this music (a mixture of 50's - 60's classical and popular selections) might appeal to those of you who can remember flying in the first 747's and bring back some enjoyable memories.
If you think about it, air flight hasn't really changed that much since the first 747's got off the ground - there is still Business or Economy Class, Flight Hostesses still dress up in daggy outfits (although the profession is no longer limited to females) and we are all still completely amazed as to how these monsters actually get off the ground in the first place.
But one thing I do know... the In-Flight music selections in the current Jumbo Jets are a little more with the times !

.If you are a collector of music, then there is probably very little here for the taking (except perhaps for the original Hawaii Five-O theme music or the theme to the 'Aquarius' rockshow), but if you are looking for some real nostalgia - then this album is for you. Oh, and I really dig the custom record label on this album.
Post consists of mp3 ripped at 320kps, taken from Vinyl and includes full artwork, including a wonderful gatefold picture of the 747B in flight.
So please, take your seat, put on your seat belts, extinguish your cigarette.... and its Up, Up, and Away we go!
Track Listing
01 - Mardis Gras (Manuel And His Music Of The Mountains)
02 - Sleepy Shores (John Keating And The London Symphony Orchestra)
03 - Hawaii Five-O (Harry Roche Constellation)
04 - Serenade To Summertime (Joe Loss And The Concertium)
05 - Aquarius / Freedom Come Freedom Go (Harry Stoneham)
06 - One Brief Summer (Roger Webb)
07 - Do You Know The Way To San Jose (Ron Goodwin & His Orchestra)
08 - Everybody's Talkin' (Harry Pitch)
09 - The Boy Friend (The Original Brasso Band)
10 - Dancing In The Sun (Pepe Jaramillo & His Latin American Rhythm)
11 - Pacific Paradise (Wout Steenhuis & The Kontikis)
12 - Gold And Silver Waltz (Semprini)

Qantas 747B Link (88Mb)  New Link 01/01/2024

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Southern Sons - Selftitled (1990) + Bonus Tracks

(Australian 1990-1995)
On Australia Day we come together as a nation to celebrate what's great about Australia and being Australian. It's the day to reflect on what we have achieved and what we can be proud of in our great nation. It's the day for us to re-commit to making Australia an even better place for the future.
Australia Day, 26 January, is the anniversary of the arrival of the First Fleet of 11 convict ships from Great Britain, and the raising of the Union Jack at Syd
ney Cove by its commander Captain Arthur Phillip, in 1788.
Because Australia is often referred to as the grea
t 'Southern Land', I have decided to post this great debut album by the Aussie band the 'Southern Sons' in recognition of this great nation that we live in.
Southern Sons was created as a direct result of songwriter Phil Buckle's collaboration on six of the twelve songs on John Farnham's 'Chain Reaction' album (1990). Phil's group The State was signed to Farnham manager Glenn Wheatley's Wheatley Brothers records, and had released one album. Hearing John's treatment of his songs, Phil Buckley wanted to replace himself as lead vocalist and recruited John Farnham sound-a-like singer/guitarist Jack Jones, who had auditioned for the band previously but was considered too young.
The new group changed its name to Southern Sons and made its public debut as support act for John's 'Chain Reaction Tour', Phil and Jack also having played on the album, doing double duty as members of John's backing band. 1990 saw the release of their debut album, 'Southern Sons' (which spawned three top ten hit singles) and a five-track EP, 'Train Tracks', released to coincide with Phil and Jack's return to Southern Sons duties after a European tour with Farnham.
Their second album in 1992, 'Nothing But the Truth', came with the departure of guitarist Peter Bowman. After two singles, including "You Were There" one of three Phil Buckley songs in the Australian Ballet production of 'Beauty and the Beast', "Nothing But the Truth" was re-released, with different cover artwork featuring a new look Jack Jones, to include the single "Silent Witness". Southern Sons third and final album, 'Zone', was released in 1995, self-produced with former member Peter Bowman. Its lead single, "Don't Tell Me", featured vocals from Men At Work's Colin Hay.
The individual members of the band have remained in the field. Now based in the US, Virgil Donati collaborated with Tommy Emmanuel on his album 'The Journey' album and toured as a member of Tina Arena's backing band for her 'In Deep Tour'. Peter Bowman co-wrote songs with Debra Byrne for her 'Sleeping Child' album and collaborated with Tommy Emmanuel on his albums 'The Journey' and 'The Journey Continues'. Jack Jones provided guitar for Debra Byrne on the 'Sleeping Child' album and for Bachelor Girl on their 'Waiting for the Day' album. He also toured as a member of Tina Arena's backing band for her 'In Deep Tour' as well as serving as a member of John Farnham's backing band for the 'I Can't Believe He's 50 Tour'. Jack is signed to Gotham Records and is currently recording his debut solo album. Phil Buckle co-wrote songs with John Farnham for the album '… Then Again' , with David Hirschfelder and David Hobson for their album 'In This Room' and with Rick Price for his album 'Another Place'. This latter album was also co-produced and co-performed by Phil. Most recently he was writing and performing as a member of a new band, Sneak. Jack Jones re-emerged in 2002 as Irwin Thomas. (Contributed by David Grills - extract from

Jack Jones

Born in New York City in 1971, Jack Jones arrived in Australia as a ten year old. Even as a youngster, Jack began showing an incredible talent with his guitar playing. At fourteen Jack was already playing professionally in both cover and original bands. At the same time, he was earning a reputation as a very accomplished and well respected studio musician.
After heading back to the United States for several years to further study his craft, Jack eventually returned to Australia and joined the successful 90's band ‘Southern Sons’ as lead singer/guitarist. With hits such as “Heart In Danger”, “Always & Ever”, “Hold Me In Your Arms”, “Waiting For That Train”, “I Can’t Wait Any Longer”, “Lead Me To Water”, “Silent Witnesses”, & “You Were There”. His vocal ability was highly praised by both fans and musical peers alike… He not only enjoyed success in Australia, but in Asia, Canada, Germany, and pockets throughout Europe. Confirming he was a major talent worthy of recognition.
He has toured and recorded as singer/guitarist with the likes of John Farnham, Glen Shorrock (Little River Band), Tina Arena, Tommy Emmanuel, James Reyne, Rick Price, Merryl Bainbridge, Graham Goble (Little River Band), Richard Clapton, Gary Garry Beers (INXS), Dweezil Zappa, Ahmet Zappa, Jeff Jacobs (Foriener), Schuyler Deale (Michael Bolton, Billy Joel), Crystal Talefiero (Billy Joel), Deb Byrne, Kylie Minogue, Doc Neeson, Stoolz Roachman & the Idiot Sevilles, Renee Geyer, Bachelor Girl, Anthony Warlow and countless others.
His solo acoustic shows accentuate both his vocal and guitar playing talents and have proven to be highly successful with audiences and organisers alike.
Virgil Donati
Virgil had started his career in his mid teens during the 70's as drummer for the brilliant hard rock band Taste, which evolved from an earlier band Cloud 9. At age 19 Donati travelled to the U.S. to study with Philly Joe Jones, and at Dick Groves School in Los Angeles. He also took lessons from snare drum specialist Murray Spivack.
Donati returned to Australia at the age of 21 where his career finally took off. He played jazz with Allan Zavod and Brian Brown followed by a couple of years in the rock/soul influenced Peter Cupples Band during the early 80's. During the late 1980s Donati's drumming was a feature of the Melbourne-based jazz-rock fusion band 'Changes' (extract from Wikipedia)
Phil Buckle
Phil Buckle's songwriting career began in the early 90's when he penned hits for his own band, the highly successful Southern Sons and Australian recording legend John Farnham.
In 1990 Phil was awarded the ARIA song of the Year for 'Burn for You'. During this period he achieved 3 top ten hits and a double platinum album with Southern Sons and a six times platinum album Chain Reaction with John Farnham.
In 1991 he was nominated again for the ARIA Song of the Year for "Always and Ever" and received the APRA most played song of the Year for "Heart in Danger". In this year he also received the highest Australian accolade of APRA Songwriter of the Year.
A prolific songwriter in the last couple of years Phil has also written tracks for Shannon Noll, Adam Harvey, Anthony Callea, Deni Hines, David Hobson, Belinda Emmett and Dean Geyer as well as contributing significantly to the Australian vocal Production Music label (extract from
Album Review
This is a great release and well worth the listen if only for three songs that are the best on offer. "Heart in Danger" is an absolute monster AOR song, "Always and Ever" another great tune, but "Hold Me In Your Arms" is pure bliss, a truly wonderful ballad. It might be an album that may be a bit too soft for some but the quality is what makes it so good. Singer Jack Jones would've been an ideal replacement for Steve Perry (yes he is that good, and better than Augeri) and in some ways has a voice not too dissimilar to John Farnham. This debut album is a true classic and a must for any collector of Aussie Rock.
This post consists of a FLAC rip taken from an out of print CD and full album artwork for both LP and CD. I have also included two bonus live tracks taken from their 'Train Tracks' E.P (thanks to Deutros at Friday On My Mind) along with two B-side Singles that were not release on an LP.
Track Listing
01 - Always And Ever *
02 - Which Way
03 - Living This Way
04 - Heart In Danger
05 - Hold Me in Your Arms
06 - Something More
07 - Waiting For That Train
08 - More Than Enough
09 - Hold On To The Memory
10 - The World Is Mine
11 - What I See
Bonus Tracks

12 - Make A Move (Live)
13 - Do You Want My Love (Live)

14 - Out Of My Hands (B-Side Single)
15 - Stand Alone (B-Side Single)

Band Members:
Jack Jones (aka Irwin Thomas) - Guitars, Lead Vocals
Virgil Donati - Drums, Keyboards
Phil Buckle - Guitars, backing Vocals
Geoff Cain - Bass
Peter Bowman - Guitars, Backing Vocals
(Additional Artists)
Harmonica by Steve Williams

Keyboards by David Hirschfelder*
Southern Sons FLACs Link (343Mb)   Link Fixed 11/02/2016

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Jimi Hendrix - The Blues Project Outtakes (1968-70) Ex Bootleg

(U.S 1967-1970)
1994 saw the release of the Alan Douglas produced "Blues" album.
This was seen as one of his better efforts during his time managing Jimi's music. A cassette containing three outtakes was sent to a couple of high profile collectors shortly after. This tape contained "Villanova Junction Blues", "Hear My train A Comin" and "Belly Button Window". For a while this tape was in very limited circulation amongst a few hard core collectors.
Later the tracks saw the first light of day on the bootleg "500000 Halos" which was named after line in a poem written by Jimi post Woodstock. However there were more outtakes than those three and more has leaked out over the years (albeit in limited circulation).
I am a little dubious about the generation of this material but it is nevertheless of extremely high quality. There is a certain amount of tape hiss present here and there but that could just be from the transfer to cassette.

Band Of Gypsys
The tracks in this post are taken from a set of 11 CDRS titled the Blues Project Outtakes. "Hear My train A Comin' " is a composite made by Douglas of two different takes. "New Rising Sun" and the 27 minute Band Of Gypsys "Villanova Junction Blues Jam" are not in general circulation as far as I know. "Country Blues" was released on the EH Box Set but this version of the straight mix is longer.
This is a great "bootleg" CD with 7 tracks on it. I have heard most of the tracks on other rare CDs, but the 27min rendition of "Villanova Junction Blues Jam" was new to me. This jam includes Buddy Miles and Billy Cox. It starts out slowly with Jimi playing a riff and then the other guys kick it in a couple of minutes later. It goes into a heavy jam which is in classic Band of Gypsys style. It gets really jazzy and then picks up again. A Fantastic track which makes this Bootleg a necessary addition to any Hendrix Collection.
This CD also has a killer version of "Belly Button Window", with a different vocal track and some really sweet guitar work. There's a heavy version of "Hear My Train a Comin' ", that I have already heard but it sounds a little better quality here. Definitely a great acquisition for the Hendrix fan.
This post consists of mp3 (320kps) taken from FLACs which I sourced on the Internet some time ago. Some artwork is included. These recordings are of excellent quality.
Track Listing
01 - New Rising Sun (8.26)

02 - Country Blues (straight mix) (8.37)

03 - Hear My train A Comin' (8.07)

04 - Belly Button Window (2.25)

05 - The Things That I Used To Do (5.45)

06 - Villanova Junction Blues Jam (27.34)

07 - 3 Little Bears/South Saturn Delta (12.44)

Band Members:
Jimi Hendrix (Guitar & Vocals)
Billy Cox (Bass)

Buddy Miles (Drums)

Jimi Hendrix Link (162Mb) New Link 06/11/2021

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Various Artists - 20 Years Of No.1 Hits (1973)

(Various CBS Artists 1960's-1970's)
Columbia Records is an American record label, owned by Japan's Sony Music Entertainment, operating under the Columbia Music Group with Aware Records. It was founded in 1888, evolving from an earlier enterprise, the American Graphophone Company — successor to the Volta Graphophone Company. Columbia is the oldest brand name in pre-recorded sound,being the first record company to produce pre-recorded records as opposed to blank cylinders. Columbia Records went on to release records by an array of notable singers, instrumentalists and groups. From 1961 to 1990, its recordings were released outside the U.S. and Canada on the CBS Records label (for Columbia Broadcasting System, its parent from 1938 to 1988) before adopting the Columbia name in most of the world.
Until 1989, Columbia Records had no connection to Columbia Pictures, which used various other names for record labels they owned, including Colpix and later Arista; rather, it was connected to the original owner, CBS, which stood for Columbia Broadcasting System. Though Arista was later sold to BMG, it is now a sister label to Columbia Records through Sony Music; both are connected to Columbia Pictures through Sony Corporation of America, worldwide parent of both the music and motion picture arms of Sony [extract from wikipedia]
Twenty years of good music is exceptional.
The selections included in this set began their birth and aging process two decades ago with the original release of Johnnie Ray's "Cry." Growing a little less mellow, but perhaps more relevant, culminating in the rock realism of Janis Joplin. The trademark performances gathered here represent important turning points in the artists' careers. The records document the times and the changes.
During the 60's the emphasis shifted from the single artist like Tony Bennett and Johnny Mathis to the group sound. Witness the musicality of Blood, Sweat & Tears and The Byrds. A new style was adopted. Composers were recording their own tunes. Johnny Cash's country roots evolved into "A Boy Named Sue." The responsibility for the success or failure of a record now rested with the artists themselves. The new and the old, bobbie-socks or bell-bottom blues, those were the good old days and perhaps still are. There will always be a place for the pure entertainment and enjoyment of music whether it be the late 50's or the early 70's. Listen and span the last twenty years of American musical history.
These albums offer music you can dance to, remember with, and look forward to over and
over again. Grow old gracefully with Twenty Years of #1 Hits [Diane Hyaft, Linear Notes]
The Byrds
The Byrds were an American rock band, formed in Los Angeles, California in 1964. The band underwent multiple line-up changes throughout its existence, with frontman Roger McGuinn (aka Jim McGuinn) remaining the sole consistent member until the group disbanded in 1973. The original five-piece line-up of The Byrds consisted of Jim McGuinn (lead guitar, vocals), Gene Clark (tambourine, vocals), David Crosby (rhythm guitar, vocals), Chris Hillman (bass guitar, vocals), and Michael Clarke (drums).
The Byrds are today considered by critics to be one of the most influential bands of the 1960s. Initially, they pioneered the musical genre of folk rock, melding the influence of The Beatles and other British Invasion bands with contemporary and traditional folk music. As the 1960s progressed, the band was also influential in originating psychedelic rock, raga rock, and country rock.
"Turn! Turn! Turn!" was the third single by the American folk rock band The Byrds and was released on October 1, 1965 by Columbia Records. The song was also included on the band's second album, Turn! Turn! Turn!, which was released on December 6, 1965.
The Bob Dylan penned "Mr. Tambourine Man" single was released ahead of the album in April 1965, reaching #1 on both the Billboard Hot 100 and the UK Singles Chart.
Janis Joplin
Janis Joplin (January 19, 1943 – October 4, 1970) was an American singer and songwriter from Port Arthur, Texas. She was dubbed the first queen of rock 'n' roll, and her voice is singular. She was rough around the edges, vulnerable and charismatic, and she paved the way for countless women in rock.
Joplin first rose to prominence in the late 1960s as the lead singer of the psychedelic-acid rock band Big Brother and the Holding Company, and later as a solo artist with her more soulful and bluesy backing groups, The Kozmic Blues Band and The Full Tilt Boogie Band.
"Me and Bobby McGee" is a song
written by Kris Kristofferson and Fred Foster, originally performed by Roger Miller. Others performed the song later, including Kristofferson himself, and Janis Joplin who topped the U.S. singles chart with the song in 1971 after her death, making the song the second posthumous number-one single in U.S. chart history after "(Sittin' On) The Dock of the Bay" by Otis Redding.

Gary Young and the Union Gap
Gary Puckett & The Union Gap (initially credited as The Union Gap featuring Gary Puckett) was an American pop rock group operating in the late 1960s. Their biggest hits were "Woman, Woman," "Young Girl," and "Lady Willpower."
Although the band never had a #1 record in the United States, "Young Girl" reached #1 on the UK singles chart, and #6 when it was reissued in the UK six years later. Controversial at the time and later for its risqué lyrical references to underage romance, Allmusic labeled the groups lyrics "bizarrely pedophilic".
"Young Girl" was the second million selling disc for the band, which it reached less than two months after its issue
Blood, Sweat & Tears
Blood, Sweat & Tears was an American music group, originally formed in 1967 in New York City. Since its beginnings in 1967, the band has gone through numerous iterations with varying personnel and has encompassed a multitude of musical styles. Founder Al Kooper conceived Blood, Sweat and Tears as an experiment in expanding the size and scope of the rock band with touches of jazz , blues , classical , and folk music. When Kooper was forced out of the band soon after its eclectic debut, Child Is Father to the Man, BS&T became increasingly identified as a "jazz-rock" group, although its music was essentially easy-listening rhythm and blues or rock with the addition of brass.
"And When I Die" is a song written by American singer Laura Nyro and is probably best known for its cover version by Blood, Sweat & Tears, which reached #2 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100.
Johnny Cash
John R. "Johnny" Cash (February 26, 1932 – September 12, 2003), A.K.A. "The Man In Black", was an American singer-songwriter, actor, and author, who has been called one of the most influential musicians of the 20th century. Although he is primarily remembered as a country music artist, his songs and sound spanned many other genres including rockabilly and rock and roll—especially early in his career—as well as blues, folk, and gospel.
Cash felt great compassion for prisoners. He began performing concerts at various prisons starting in the late 1950s. His first ever prison concert was held on January 1, 1958 at San Quentin State Prison. These performances led to a pair of highly successful live albums, Johnny Cash at Folsom Prison (1968) and Johnny Cash at San Quentin (1969).
The San Quentin record included the crossover hit single "A Boy Named Sue", a Shel Silverstein-penned novelty song that reached No. 1 on the country charts and No. 2 on the U.S. Top Ten pop charts. The AM versions contained a couple of profanities which were edited out. The modern CD versions are unedited and uncensored and thus also longer than the original vinyl albums, though they still retain the audience reaction overdubs of the originals.
Here's another record sampler, this time from CBS records. The title implies that all 20 tracks were Number 1 Hits, however, I'm not sure if this is 100% accurate. For example, the Blood, Sweat & Tears hit "And When I Die" only reached #2 yet it was included in this compilation?
One notable oversight with this double album is the exclusion of any Simon & Garfunkel hits, yet they were one of CBS's most successful artist. Therefore, I have chosen to include their #1 hit "Sounds Of Silence" as a Bonus Track to fix this oversight. The post consists of a rip (320kps) taken from vinyl and includes full album artwork.
Track Listing
01 - Cry (Johnny Ray)
02 - The Song From Moulin Rouge (Percy Faith)
03 - Hey There (Rosemary Clooney)
04 - Rags To Riches (Tony Bennett)
05 - Let Me Go Lover (Joan Weber)
06 - Chances Are (Johnny Mathis)
07 - Singing The Blues (Guy Mitchell)

08 - El Paso (Marty Robbins)
09 - The Battle Of New Orleans (Johnny Horton)
10 - Big Bad John (Jimmy Dean)
11 - The Theme From 'A Summer Place' (Percy Faith)
12 - Young Girl (Gary Puckett And The Union Gap)
13 - Mr Tamborine Man (The Byrds)
14 - A Boy Named Sue (Johnny Cash)
15 - Turn Turn Turn (The Byrds)
16 - Me And Bobby McGee (Janis Joplin)
17 - And When I Die (Blood, Sweat & Tears)
18 - Rose Garden (Lynn Anderson)
19 - Indian Reservation (The Raiders)
20 - Baby Don't Get Hooked On Me (Mac Davis)
21 - BONUS - Sounds Of Silence (Simon & Garfunkel)


20 Years of No.1 Hits Link (146Mb) New Link 24/10/2015

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Jon Stevens - Are U Satisfied (1993)

(Australian 1979-Present)
Jon Stevens was born Jon Rangi Stevenson in 1963, and originated from the Upper Hutt, north of Wellington, New Zealand. He is the younger brother by 13 years of Frankie Stevens. After leaving school, Jon had a job, along with his sister at the EMI record plant, pressing vinyl. While working, he used to sing with his sister, and they decided to enter a talent quest. At the Upper Hutt talent quest was an EMI representative and liking what he saw, signed Jon up to a contract.
In October 1979, Jon entered Marmalade Studios to record his first single. It was "Jezebel"/"Rest Your Love On Me". When released, "Jezebel" raced up the charts, reaching the number one spot on December 2. It stayed in that spot until January 20, 1980, when it was knocked from that position by his own second single, "Montego Bay"/"Sha La La". "Montego Bay" was a cover of the Bobby Bloom song. These two hits were included on his first album released in 1980, called "Jezebel".
In 1981 Jon relocated to Sydney where he signed a deal with the Big Time label. He recorded his second, self-titled album in Los Angeles with American session players. It yielded two singles in 1982, a reworking of "Jezebel" and "Lover My Love", but neither was successful.
Jon Stevens then formed The Change with guitarist Stuart Fraser (ex Feather and Smith). They played the occasional Sydney pub gig, and with the help of bass player Steve Balbi (on loan from the Kevin Borich Express), recorded an independent single "Forever Young"/"Out There" in 1984. By 1985, drummer Kevin Nicol (ex Dial X) had joined Stevens and Fraser, and they began to lay plans for a new band. They recruited Balbi as a permanent member, and added newcomer Justin Stanley on keyboards. He had been writing songs with Balbi. This new line-up, completed in 1986, was known as Noiseworks.
Noiseworks built up a strong following on the Australian pub-rock circuit, and in 1987 were signed by CBS. Their self-titled debut album was released in July 1987 and peaked at number 2 on the Australian Albums chart, producing no less than 5 singles.
Noiseworks went on to release two more albums, while Jon commenced his stage career when he joined the Australian cast of the revived stage musical "Jesus Christ Superstar" in the role of Judas. Jon appeared alongside the rest of the cast on a CD and single from the show. The show ran for 84 nights and was performed across Australia to more than a million people, making Jon a household name.
This stint with the show basically put an end to Noiseworks. The band played its last gig at Selinas in Sydney during March 1992. That gig produced the band's final single, a cover of the Beatles "Let It Be" (Live). This song appeared on the Greatest Hits CD released in October 1992.
When the "Superstar" tour ended, Jon recorded his third solo album, "Are U Satisfied". Most people were unaware of his previous recording history and believed this to be his debut solo album. This was issued in October 1993 and three singles were released from it.

.During the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney,Jon worked with INXS's Jon Farriss to record and release the single "Carry The Flame", which became the official theme for the Olympic Torch relay. It was through this work with Jon Farriss and previous backing vocal sessions with INXS that led to Jon joining INXS as a replacement singer for frontman Michael Hutchence. He toured with them for three years as their lead singer and in 2003 he quit the band, without recording a new album. There was only one song, "I Get Up" that was ever recorded with Jon and INXS.
In 2005, Jon released his much anticipated acoustic album titled. "The Works". The album comprises of an eclectic mix of Noiseworks favourites and some of his more recent releases.(extract from
(Rolling Stones Magazine, #489, Nov 1993, p81)
This is actually former Noiseworks' frontman Jon Stevens's third solo album. Back in the early 1980s, Jon Stevens was a promising young New Zealand funk/rock vocalist. He had released two solo albums by the time he was 19. Then, of course, Jon Stevens became an integral part of Noiseworks and helped.
shoot the band and its three albums (Noiseworks, Touch, Love vs Money) to enormous Australian success. In the process, Noiseworks blew apart the Oz-pub rock traditions of just-rock-and-nothing-else, by lashing their tunes with layers of keyboards, tinges of Seventies cheesy disco and fat doses of funk.
You get the feeling Are U Satisfied? is the sort of album Jon Stevens has long wanted to make, and almost did with Love vs Money; both albums share some obvious musical similarities. Produced by Stevens and Noiseworks' guitarist Stuart Fraser and recorded in just a few weeks with a bunch of good friends (including guitarists Nick Barker and Jed Starr), Are U Satisfied? could well have been cluttered and self-indulgent. But Jon Stevens understands Australia's rock-loving crowds (and what they expect to hear from him) and, on these levels, Are U Satisfied? does not disappoint.
The record is thick with good, strong songs, mostly about love and relationships, but the music is almost stripped to its bare bones. It smells pleasantly of Seventies-retro — the kind that artists like Lenny Kravitz are now exploring — funky, riff-driven numbers with peaking swirls of keyboards and boppin' stomp rhythms. A number of the songs also sound so familiar that you'd swear they're obscure covers ("Going Down", "Love Makes No Sense", "Say What You Mean").
One of the most pleasantly surprising aspects of Are U Satisfied? is the lack of radio-friendly ballads. "Burn So Bright" is about the closest this album comes to a ballad, and even so, this song's quiet moments are impaled on hooking, gritty riffs.
With Noiseworks and Jesus Christ Superstar fading in the distance, Are U Satisfied? marks the beginning of a new phase in Jon Stevens's career, and while it is not overly experimental or innovative, it will satisfy those who dig their rock straight up, tight, honest and unpolished. [review by Darryl Mason]

This post consists of an mp3 rip (320kps) from CD, and includes full album artwork. My favourite tracks are "Love Makes No Sense" and "Say What Ya Mean", and the single "Going Down" which has a distinct 'Lenny Kravitz' feel about it with some soaring guitar riffs that really rock ya socks off. Although Jon has been a successful solo artist in his own right, his time as the frontman for Noiseworks was definitely the peak of his career in my opinion. If you are looking for more recent material from Jon, why not visit his website.
Track Listing

01 - Hard As Stone
02 - Goin' Down
03 - Love Makes No Sense
04 - All I Need is You
05 - Stay
06 - Say What Ya Mean
07 - I'll be There
08 - Change Your Mind
09 - Burn So Bright
10 - Reflections
11 - Are U Satisfied?

Band Members:
Jon Stevens (vocals)
Stuart Fraser (bass, guitar)
Nick Barker (guitar)
Virgil Donati (drums)
Paul Gray (keyboards)
Jon Stevens Link (83Mb) REPOST