Sunday, May 31, 2009

Bandicoot - Selftitled (1976)

(Australian Band: 1976-78)
.Mick Fettes, was the front man and vocalist for Madder Lake, which was one of the most original and distinctive of the "new wave" Australian groups that emerged around 1970. They were also an important and popular part of the Melbourne music scene in the early 70's. It's unfortunate that they're only known for their two excellent albums - Stillpoint (1973), Butterfly Farm (1974) and one "Best Of.." compilation (1978). Both studio albums have recently been released on CD by Sandman Records (aka Aztec Records).
Things came to a head however, at the end of 1975. While on a trip to Sydney, Mick Fettes, who was very much the voice and face of Madder Lake, decided he had had enough, and one night before a gig at the Bondi Lifesaver he quit the group.

Mick took a well-earned sabbatical and then teamed up with an his old mate, musician and comedian Shane Bourne. Mick and Shane knew each other from the Reefer Cabaret, where Madder Lake had played many times, and where Shane performed comedy spots between acts. After several months' writing the pair formed a new group, Bandicoot, which also included drummer Gary Young (Daddy Cool). They recorded an album and single in 1976 for the Rainbird label, and toured extensively.

This rip was taken from a vinyl pressing at 320kbs and includes full Album Artwork (thanks to Midoztouch for the rip and artwork)
Track Listing:
1. Living Off The Radio
2. Rock n Roll Dreams
3. Winter Boy
4. Star Of The Screen
5. Oo-wee
6. Just Goes To Show
7. Hoe Down
8. Country Girl
9. Who Am I To Say
10.Backstage Goddess
11.Midday Dawn
12.Living Together Alone
13.Woman Of Stone

Band Members:
Mick Fettes (Vocals)
Ross Davies (Guitar)
Mick Elliot (Guitar)
Chris Stafford (Bass)
Gary Young (drums)

Bandicoot Link (94Mb) New Link 26/10/2015

Cold Chisel - You're 13, You're Beautiful And You're Mine (1977)

(Australian Band: 1974-83)

Cold Chisel's rare live recording recorded at the Regent Theatre in Sydney in 1977, and released in November 1978.

This five track 12" E.P was released during a low ebb in the Chisel's popularity resulting in a limited number of pressings reaching the record stores. Copies now fetch up to $200 on eBay. Highlight track is the Troggs cover track 'Wild Thing' with Jimmy Barnes burning his tonsils alongside Ian Moss who gives his axe a full work out. After a long period of unavailability, the EP was re-released as a bonus disk with the second pressing of the 1991 compilation album Chisel.
This rip was taken from a CD pressing at a 320kbs and includes Album Artwork

Track listing
1. One Long Day
2. Home And Broken Hearted
3. Merry-Go-Round
4. Mona And The Preacher
5. Wild Thing

Band Members:
Jimmy Barnes (vocals)
Ian Moss (Guitar, vocals)
Don Walker (Piano, Organ)
Phil Small (Bass)
Steve Prestwich (Drums)

Sorry, but as of 22-07-2011 this 'rarity' is now available again, along with reissues of the whole Cold Chisel catalog, from the following distributor (please support these artists)