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Pantha - Doway Do Doway Do (1975) + Bonus Tracks

(Australian 1975-77)
Along with Pirana (another Sydney band in the early 1970's), Pantha were influenced by the Santana hall mark of using rock over a Latin beat. Their music was an unusual hybrid of rock, jazz, Latin American, West Indian and even occasional Zappa-like tracks.
Even though these guys were obviously channeling the Osibisa/Santana thing, they were doing it with immense fun. Exuberant frontman Paul Curtis was a good vocalist and flamboyant percussionist and other members, apart from Jack Wilson on bass, included sensational guitarist Roger Pell (ex-Kush), fluid keyboard player Danny Bourne (who later joined Mick Fettes, ex-Madder Lake, and Thank God You're Here's Shane Bourne [brother?] in Bandicoot), and, later, drummer Barry Cram (who went on to play with hard rock bands Avalanche and Contraband). Conga player Peter Lee who later switched to drums was not the same Peter Lee who was drummer with similarly funky band Stylus.
The band had one line-up change in their time together, with Barry Cram replacing Adriane Paine on drums and Jose McLaughlin replacing Dannie Bourne on keyboards.
Pantha supported the Doobie Brothers on their "Stampede Across Australia" Tour at Festival Hall, Melbourne in 1976.
Pantha only released three singles and one album (on the Wizard label) during their short lifespan and were recorded live at the DoubleJay studio concert on April 12th, 1977, with a track entitled 'Rushcutter Bay Heartbeat Reggae'
Their album was recorded at Trafalgar Studios, Sydney and was produced by Roger Pell and John Sayers.
My favourite track would have to be 'Bar Diddlyah Bordraux' as it sounds so much like Osibisa, who I also enjoy.
This Rip was taken from vinyl at 320kps and includes full album artwork (thanks to Midoztouch). For your enjoyment, I have also included a live track from their JJ concert in 1977 "Rushcutter Bay Heartbeat Reggae", and a later single "Happiness"/"Life Dreams" along with its accompanying publicity poster.

Track Listing
01 - I Am Not Afraid
02 - Pantha's Overflow
03 - All Things Below
04 - Doway Do, Doway Do
05 - Bar Diddlyah Bordraux
06 - Spiritual Sky
07 - Blue House
08 - Happiness (Single Side-A)
09 - Life Dreams (Single Side-B)
10 - Rushcutter Bay Heartbeat Reggae (live bonus track)

Band Members:
Paul Curtis (Lead Vocals & Percussion)
Roger Pell (Guitar)
Dannie Bourne (Keyboards)
Jack Wilson  (Fretless Bass)
Adrian Payne (Drums)
Peter Lee (Congas Percussion)

Pantha Link (72Mb)



      Also I was looking on the album sleeve and it says
      DANNIE BOURNE/KEYS & ADRIAN PAYNE /DRUMS but they don't get mentioned in your 'Band Members" section…I think they were in original band before Jose McLaughlin and Barry Cram

    2. Just had a look at the Pantha album
      "Doway Do, Doway Do"…as far as I know the bands only full album.
      The guys listed as playing on it are:
      Paul Curtis, Lead Vocals & percussion
      Roger Pell ,Guitar
      Dannie Bourne, Keys
      Jack Wilson , Fretless Bass
      Adrian Payne, Drums
      Peter Lee (Congas Percussion)
      Now that's the sound I remember !

    3. Just for the record (no pun intended), I've amended the band listing on the post to reflect who actually played on the album, as you have highlighted. Thanks

  2. Thanks for dropping by Danny - their musical style was certainly 'distinct' and enjoyable to listen to. Pity they were so unrecorded, hey.
    cheers mate

  3. I used to go to Valhalla in Richmond - they had a double bill of band and film. Pantha were a regular there. Great band, always enjoyed Roger Pells playing. Good stuff.

  4. My dad is Jack Wilson, and he still plays bass for a band called Hityde in Perth :)

  5. I just spoke to Roger Pell on the phone tonight - he is my daughter's new guitar teacher at a girls' school on the Mornington Peninsula. Hopefully he is a good teacher!

    1. Good one Pat.I often crank out Doway Do Doway Do here in Nauru. Obviously no ones heard it before and think its a brand new album. Way ahead of their time. Bloody hell, Mornington ? Thats where I used to live. Huge fan from the old days,,,and making new fans here in the Pacific...Good on ya Roger. u da man

  6. Hey Pat
    It would seem that quite a few of our Aussie 70's - 80's musicians have turned to teaching after their glory days in the music industry. Joey Amenta (Taste) has taught a friend of mine's son - guitar, here in Essendon, and needless to say his mother couldn't stop drooling every time she took him for lessons !
    When you speak to Roger next, you should seed the idea with him to approach Gil Matthews at Aztec Records and suggest that they release the Pantha album on CD. See Aztec link under favourite blogs on the left.
    This classic album would be right up their alley I reckon.
    Oh, and thanks for dropping by

  7. Yeah I guess the fame from the good old days doesn't pay the bills! It's great that guys like Roger and Joey are passing their skills on to a new generation.
    I'll tell my daughter to pass on your message about Aztec or will do so myself if I see him.
    By the way, this site is fantastic. You have obviously put a lot of work into it and no doubt do it for the love of the music, but it really is preserving a lot of history that could so easily be lost. Well done and keep it up!!

  8. For the record, Pantha had another line up change before they departed the scene around 1976. Peter Lee moved to the drums and Meri Took came in on percussion. Rob Ellis joined on bass. The band relocated to Sydney and played to very healthy crowds, in Sydney and Newcastle. the record company had tried to push them in a commercial direction and they produced a woeful single called "Melinda" which had been a hit in Canada. the original line up recorded Melinda, but broke up before it was released. it was the beginning of the end really. Rushcutter's Bay Heartbeat Reggae was written and recorded (live on JJ) by the new band.

  9. Hi Meri
    Thank you so much for this information - it is always great to get additional facts from original band members themselves.
    Was Melinda ever released on acetate? If so, do you have access to one and would you be prepared to share it?
    Here's hoping as I would love to hear it

  10. superb site. You are doing a tremendous by not only sharing obscure oz rock, but also preserving it. I am indebted to you. You are my favourite site of em all. Col, Canberra

    1. Thanks Col - happy to assist in your search for those rare Aussie gems. Just let me know what ya looking for and perhaps I can help.
      Happy hunting - Aussie

  11. I remember Pantha from the old ABC TV 'Radio with Pictures' days... I purchased 'Dowaydo Dowaydo' on vinyl at the time of its release and it remains a firm favourite - I agree that the band was ahead of its time and CD release is indeed long overdue. Roger Pell was a massive influence on my own guitar playing - I'm still trying to do it justice after 40 years.

  12. I recall hearing them at French's in sydney -very good- and they had a residency at a bar on Oxford Street upstairs. AND....that was where Jeff "Skunk" Baxter dropped into to jam one nite.

    anyone remember their more commercial single,'Melinda"///or was it My linda??