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Lyadrive - Another Time, Another Place (1998)

(UK Band 1979-85, reformed in 1998)
Lyadrive formed at Neal Kay's Bandwagon Heavy Metal Soundhouse - the first brush with fame happened as drummer Lee Burrows gained national music press notoriety during the infamous 'Headbanging Band' contest in December 1979 for his boot-shaped hardboard air-guitar (the public never understood this!) The Contest was judged by such Rock and Roll luminaries as the legendary Lemmy, Rob Halford, Steve Harris, Dave Murray, Cozy Powell and Geoff Barton of "Sounds".
The Band began live work and attracted a good following around West London, becoming part of the now-heralded NEW WAVE OF BRITISH HEAVY METAL. Lee also roadied on the first real major UK "NWOBHM" tour featuring Iron Maiden and Praying Mantis, early in 1980. (The band's links with Mantis are still intact today).

The band connected with Pete Hinton and Will Reid Dick (Saxon's production team) in late 1981 prior to the band's first recording sessions in Southall, Middlesex. Live favourite "Another Time, Another Place" was recorded and released on the Bridge Records compilation album. Their debut track received good reviews and was supported by Neal Kay at his Soundhouse Rock Nights, as well as gaining pirate-radio airplay in London. The band crossed paths with Spider and Ten Records' new-signings Outside Edge (ex-Blackfoot Sue) who still remain in touch in 1997!
Autumn 1982 saw the band travelling north to record a track for Ebony Records' compilation 'Metal Warriors'. The original version of "We've Got The Rock" was one of the album's best tracks and was considered by Ebony as a single for the band. The Band signed with Bridge Records back in London for their first single, the double A-side "White Dress / Anytime" (now ultra- rare) and promoted sales with constant gigging, from flea-pit to Dingwalls (on a bill with Blind Fury and Tilt), Ruskin Arms, Brunel University and beyond! The single drew reasonable reviews from Kerrang and New Musical Express as well as good local coverage.

The promo copy the of single received cautious interest from CBS, with A+R Director Muff Winwood urging a London showcase. With classic timing, the band's bass-player left on the eve of the CBS showcase! This severely shook band morale and it was six months before they were gigging again with new material.
In the meantime, the band was signed by London-based company Loose Music/Brickyard Records for their first album, supported by single releases. The first of these was to be a 12-inch single featuring "Young Lover" (retitled "Give Me Wings"), "Here Comes The Night" and a newly-recorded version of the Ebony favourite "We've Got The Rock". The band recorded at Tin Pan Alley studios in Denmark Street in London. (These recordings feature as the three bonus tracks at the end of their CD release). Loose also released the first single from Xero, featuring Bruce Dickinson on guest vocals!

.The band's reputation as a notable live attraction saw them gigging further from their London home, but in late 1984 as the single was again delayed by a company with internal financial problems, bassist Lee Reddings was poached by Bronz (fronted by Max Bacon and signed to Bronze Records, quarter-million sellers in the States: Max later fronting GTR with Steve Hackett and Steve Howe). This again severely disrupted the band's live schedule and touring was again put on hold.
Spring 1985 swa the band embark (with yet another bassist) on their first national tour, including another slot at Dingwalls supporting Pretty Wykked and a later (unfulfilled) support backing American act Meanstreak. The tour proved disastrous, with cancelled shows and lack of label support, a situation which came to a head with the complete collapse of the label whilst the band were on tour supporting a still unreleased single! Unsurprisingly, the bass-player is the first to leave mid-tour forcing the cancellation of the remaining dates in Gravesend, Warrington, Gloucester and the Midlands.
Lyadrive eventually split in the summer of 1985, with potential largely unfulfilled. Possible tour supports for Di'anno, Spider and Robin George were lost. The band's long-awaited album remained unreleased... .until now. [Extract from Lyadrive’s Website]

Lyadrive came to my attention through a compilation CD entitled 'Legends of Progressive Rock' (Hallmark 309432) on which the haunting track "Lazerwind" was included along with "Another Time, Another Place" under the bands earlier title Tempest Ride.
OK, so 'Another Time Another Place' never actually made it to vinyl when first recorded, but it was later released in 1998 on both Vinyl and CD formats (with CD version featuring bonus tracks).
Let me tell you that the spirit of rock is inherent throughout this album from the traditional metal riffery of opening track "Sign Of The Hunter" to the closing strains of "Lazerwind" which is a classically British metal romp of the kind Maiden, Judas Priest and Def Leppard used to make.
Standout tracks are definately Lazerwind and the title track, but after repeated listens, each track starts to have its own unique appeal.

The opening bars of "Madame Guilotine" sound like they belong to a soundtrack for an epic movie but quickly switches to a blistering barrage of guitar and bass licks taking you into yet another great rock track.
"Anytime" starts with sound affects not unsimilar to those one might find on a Pink Floyd album, but abruptly dives back into more familar hard rock territory, while "Spinning Wheel" just comes out and grabs you straight away with its raunchy melody, screaming guitar work and whinning vocals.
So do yourself a favour, have a listen to 'Another Time, Another Place', even if it's only for that killer track "Lazerwind"
The rip included here was taken from CD at 192kps and includes some album artwork. .
Track Listing
01 - Sign Of The Hunted
02 - Another Time, Another Place
03 - Dangerline
04 - One Of These Days
05 - Spinning The Wheel
06 - Madame Guilotine
07 - Fools Paradise
08 - White Dress
09 - Steal Away The Night
10 - Anytime
11 - Lazerwind
[Bonus Tracks]
12 - We've Got The Rock
13 - Young Lover

14 - Here Comes The Night
Band Members:
Nick John - Vocals/Keyboards
Paul Ryan - Guitar
Keith Thompson - Guitar, Vocals
Guy Wilson - Bass, Yob Chorus
Lee Burrows - Drums, Yob Chorus
Additional Keyboard by Dave Pick
(The 1984 tracks were by)
Nick John - Vocals
Steve Jones - Guitar
Graham Stuart - Guitar, Vocals
Den O'Leary - Bass
Lee Burrows - Drums

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