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Jimi Hendrix & Eire Apparent - Stuttgart (1969) Bootleg

(U.S 1967-70)
Eire Apparent (a band produced by Hendrix) supported the Jimi Hendrix Experience while touring Germany and France in 1969, between January 11th and 23rd.
During this period they played 11 venues (each with 2 shows) , including Stuttgart.
Now, there was some confusion about the venue that this concert came from. The information provided with the tape recording stated that the concert was taken from the 1st show held at the Liederhalle, Stuttgart on 19th of January, 1969.
However, the track listing doesn't match the listing for the Stuttgart concert, as reported by Tony Brown in his book "The Jimi Hendrix Concert Files", a usually reliable source for Hendrix concert dates published by Omnibus Press in 1999.
'Hey Joe' and 'Voodoo Child (slight return)' are not listed by Brown for the first show, but are for the 2nd show. Likewise, the dialogue spoken by Jimi between songs during the first show doesn't match up with that specified by Brown in his book. Now, because Foxy Lady is cut short in this recording, it is possible that some tracks listed by Brown were missed, such as 'Redhouse' and 'Sunshine Of Your Love'.
However, recent information by the original uploader of this concert (Olvator) see Comments has cleared this matter up. It would seem that Brown's concert details are in fact incorrect, and this concert is the Stuttgart Concert held on the 19th of January, 1969.
The recording itself is fairly raw, and I would classify it as a very good audience recording. Nevertheless it is particularly unique in that it is the only Hendrix recording that I know of that includes tracks from his support act, in this case 'Eire Apparent'.
They are given a fairly warm response by the audience (who were primarily there to see the great "Jimi Hendrix") and start with an old Everly Brothers standard 'The Price Of Love' which they manage to stretch out for 13 minutes, showcasing a somewhat average bass solo by Chris Stewart.
They then break into another cover, Bob Dylan's 'Highway 61' which was popular at that time, but it is evident that Ernie Graham lacks the vocal strength of Dylan. The only original track in their set is a 'Blues' track which has a fast groove but is basically unforgettable. However, they finish off their short 35 min set with another standard 'Gloria' and is worth the wait. Their rendition of this "Them" classic is refreshing, and may have very well inspired Hendrix to do that studio recording of Gloria, which was eventually released in 1979 by Polydor as a 12" single.
Although this is not the greatest live recording of Hendrix from this era, it is the only bootleg which includes his support band's set (Eire Apparent) and is therefore a necessary item for any Hendrix collector.
The rip provided here was taken from tape at 320kps and includes full artwork for each of the concert sets, by 'Eire Apparent' and 'Jimi Hendrix'. [Thanks to Olvator for providing this rip]
Select photos of each band are also included, including a photo provided by blog follower - Perry Quici. Thanks mate.
Note: In May '69, Beat Instrumental reported that Eire Apparent were recording tracks for a new album, but nothing has ever surfaced. However they did do three tracks for a Top Gear session (20/4/69), which included 'Yes I Need Someone', 'Highway 61' and the popular 'Gloria'.
For more details about Eire Apparent, see my earlier posting
Track Listing
Jimi At Stuttgart
(Photo - Perry Quici)

[Eire Apparent]
01. Intro
02. Price Of Love
03. Highway 61
04. Blues
05. Gloria
[Jimi Hendrix]
06. Intro
07. Come On Pt.1
08. Fire
09. I Don't Live Today
10. Hey Joe
11. Foxy Lady (cut)
12. Star Spangled Banner
13. Purple Haze
14. Voodoo Child


Eire Apparent:
Chris Stewart - Bass
Ernie Graham - Vocals/Guitar
David 'Tiger' Taylor - Guitars
Dave Lutton - Drums

Jimi Hendrix Experience:
Jimi Hendrix - Guitar, Vocals
Noel Redding - Bass
Mitch Mitchell - Drums

Jimi Hendrix and Eire Apparent Link (139Mb) New Link 30/01/2013


  1. Hello, I am the one who circulated this show a few weeks ago. I am not surprised that it is already going around on mp3 blogs, that is ok for me, but you should at least also feature the original text file, and give credit to the taper and original uploader.

    Anyways, your investigation into where this might have been recorded is useless. I got this from the original taper, and it is confirmed to be from the Stuttgart show. The clue that this must be from the first show come from Jimi saying that "they have another show to do" during his Voodoo Chile introduction.
    Also, if you had read the original text file, you would know that Red House and Sunshine of Your Love were in fact played and even recorded, but the master cassette is lost and this transfer comes from a mid Seventies master > reel > cassette source, on which those two tracks were omitted and are very probably lost forever.

  2. Hi Olvator
    Firstly, please let me say thank you for providing this this 'rare' recording (especially because it has Eire Apparent's set included) if you are the original uploader.
    Now, with respect to the information you refer to in your text file, I must say in my own defense that this was not present in the package which I found on the Guitar101 Forum (, posted by Zeppo on 29-03-2010. The text file had no such information in it - just the venue and date plus song listing. The files were already in mp3 format. So, Zeppo is your culprit !
    And yes - I did miss Jimi's dialogue at the end of Purple Haze when he refers to the 'next show', so this clears up that aspect
    I must say that I'm a little disappointed with my 'reference bible' of Hendrix concert dates as it seems that Brown has quoted some incorrect details for the Stuttgart concert, making things misleading.
    For your interest Olvator, I've uploaded a scan of the page out of Brown's book that refers to the Stuttgart concert
    Anyhow, thanks again for clearing this up and I'm grateful for your feedback. I trust I have not done you an injustice by challenging the source of this concert based on the information I had (and was missing).

  3. Brown's transcription in his Concert Files book is based on a tape that was thought to be from Stuttgart, but it turned out to be from Koln/Cologne instead, which only became clear after a 2nd Koln/Cologne tape was found which certainly was from the Koln/Cologne show.
    Brown's book was published before the 2nd Koln/Cologne tape surfaced.

  4. Hi Novdec1967
    Thanks for clearing up this mystery - I wonder how many more errors Brown's book has, based on misinformation.
    I've just had a listen to some of the dialogue from the Cologne concert and compared it with Brown's transcript for Stuttgart - oh my God!, he did stuff it up big time. It just shows you how easy it is to get it wrong if your data source is inaccurate and the consequences one's mistake can have for others.
    Anyhow, thanks again for your input and setting the record straight.
    I plan to post a few more Hendrix concerts in future, so please keep my blog bookmarked :-)
    Cheers mate

  5. you got the wrong info im david tiger taylor i played with the eire apparent in 1968 -69 i also wrote rock and roll band and toured with the hendrix tour of germany 1969 any info you need talk to me...tiger taylor

  6. how can i get the bootleg of the eire apparent i sang and played highway 61 ..Tiger Taylor

  7. hi i also played a robert johnson riff to jimi in brook street he recorded it on a tape recorder the next time i heard it was in the film woodstock called beginnings or jamming back at the house....Tiger Taylor

  8. Hi David
    Most references on the web state that you only played with the band in 69 yet you also say 68?
    However, irrespective of whether you are who you say you are (your Blogger profile is blocked), you are correct regarding the lineup at Stuttgart - so I will change the band details on my page.

  9. David Tiger Taylor - if you're still looking for the bootleg (I think the above link isn't working), here's the original link from the Guitars101 Forum, containing part 1 (Eire Apparent's performance):

    BTW Tiger, really like your Anno Domini album too!

  10. i have a picture of hendrix at liederhalle,stuttgart..friend of mine took it,b/w..we were there.could email it to you.

    1. Hi man
      Would love to see that photo - please send to

    2. Ditto, please send a copy here as well.

    3. I was there in Stutgart when working for US army
      Went with a US girl friend
      Eire Apparent as i remember it were fantasic
      Old Rocker

  11. Thanks for this! I was actually there at the Stuttgart concert. Loudest music I have ever heard in my life.

  12. wow,i just found this page again.did I ever send the pic?

    1. I don't think you sent that picture - would still love to get hold of it?
      Thanks in advance

  13. yeah,will do,it's on my other computer at my store..and so I don't mess up again..would you mind sending me a reminder to ..I might get some spam from can post it or do what ever you want with it..come to think of it,may be on my fb page..

  14. ok,it is on my fb page..i'm gonna try this;it did not work..please do the email thing..i think yours is here somewhere..if I can I will copy/paste and send..if you don't get anything go with plan a