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Borich 'n' Tilders - The Blues Had A Baby (1980) + Bonus Live Track

 (Australian 1980)

Dutch Tilders

Tilders bought his first guitar in 1959 and by the early 60's was gigging in a number of Melbourne coffee houses. Improvising most of his songs as he went along he found the blues was the perfect vehicle for him to express his feelings. With no immediate mentor he soon developed a unique and original style that was almost entirely self taught.

In 1972, he made his first record with collaborators Brian Cadd, Phil Manning, Barry Sullivan, Barry Harvey, Laurie Pryor and Broderick Smith and it was released the following year. A year later he started recording for the independent 'Eureka' label and consequently cut two direct to disc recordings with Jimmy Conway and Kevin Borich.

During the 70's Dutch fronted such seminal blues and boogie bands as the 'Elks', the 'Cyril B Bunter Band', and 'Mickey Finn'. In 1980 he formed the 'R & B Six', a band that included Charley Elul (drums), Peter Frazer (sax), Suzanne Petersen (flute and vocals), Mick Elliot (guitar) and Dave Murray (bass and vocals). They toured Australia extensively. In the meantime Dutch also worked solo and toured with John Mayall, Taj Mahal, Brownie McGee and Sonny Terry.

Legend has it B.B. King thought Dutch was black after hearing him perform when back stage awaiting to perform next, without yet seeing him in 1976. Whilst Brownie McGee became one of his best friends - simply because he believed the Dutchman was a genuine bluesman, regardless of his racial origin.

Since then Dutch Tilders has been honoured with many awards, most notably for his performances with his band 'The Blues Club'. Today he mostly performs solo; although he often combines with Geoff Achison doing amazing duo chops. Dutch also likes to join forces with Kenny Hatton and Rob O'Toole, forming a group he calls 'His Bluesicians'.

Kevin Borich

With a professional career spanning over 50 years, Kevin Borich has done it all.

Beginning with the La-De-Das in New Zealand, writing the classic hit `Gonna See My Baby Tonight’, to his Kevin Borich Express and The Party Boys, Kevin has performed at some of the biggest Rock events Australia has seen. Sunbury and the Rockarenas in the 70’s with 60,000 people, featuring Fleetwood Mac, Santana (with whom he was invited onstage to play with) and The Little River Band.

Two New Years Eve celebrations at the Sydney Opera House with 70,000 people, telecast live, nationally and internationally to Japan, at that time, a first! Numerous support shows for international acts, Elton John, Status Quo, Jeff Beck and Buddy Guy to name but a few. Kevin has played and recorded with artists such as Renee’ Geyer `Blues License’ - Dutch Tilders `The Blues Had a Baby ‘- Richard Clapton `Prushan Blue’, Joe Walsh and The Party Boys, of which Kevin was a founding member.

Borich jammed with Carlos Santana on two of his tours, also with Bo Didley, Richie Blackmore (Deep Purple), Ron Wood (Rolling Stones), John Mayall, Taj Mahal, Living Colour.  Overseas tours and tours with Jimmy Barnes, Renee’ Geyer and Mark Hunter, have added spice to his career

'The Blues Had A Baby' was recorded in August 1980, using the 'Direct to Disc' process, but this time departing from the blues of previous albums for a blues rock style. Entering the studio with the Kevin Borich Express to record the album. The Express was comprised of Kevin Borich (lead guitar, vocals), Michael Deep (bass) and John Watson (drums), with Bob Bertles contributing sax. The single "Bad Books"/"The Blues Had a Baby" was released from the album in April 1981.

Tilders and Borich (20 years later)
I purchased this album when it was first released because I was a huge Borich fan at the time. I had heard of Dutch Tilders, but this album certainly opened my eyes (and ears) to his brilliance as a Bluesman.  Direct To Disc releases were a novelty at the time and were usually reserved for less mainstream music and bands, with  the Aussie jazz fusion group 'Crossfire' having released one two years earlier. Purchasing this record was a no brainer and it certainly one of my prize possessions in my record collection.  In absolute mint condition (both vinyl & cover) and having been recorded Direct To Disk, the rip provided in FLAC should not be missed. Full album artwork is included, along with a 'custom built' back tray for CD.  

As a bonus, I have included a rip taken from a YouTube clip featuring Borich playing "Beat Of My Heart" at a gig at The Fyshwick Tavern in Canberra in 1993 (exact date unknown)

01 - The Blues Had A Baby 3:22
02 - They Call Me Moonlight 4:14
03 - Something To Work On 2:50
04 - Don't Take Long 3:24
05 - The Hunter 2:36
06 - Baby What's Wrong 3:12
07 - K.B's Blues 3:48
08 - Beat Of My Heart 5:32
09 - Bad Books 4:00
[Bonus Track]
10 - Beat Of My Heart (Live at The Fyshwick Tavern, Canberra 1993)

Kevin Borich - Guitar, Backing Vocals
Dutch Tilders - Guitar, Vocals
John Watson - Drums
Michael Deep - Bass
Bob Bertles - Sax

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