Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Mark Edwards - Land Of The Living (1986) plus Bonus Tracks

(Australian 1981 - 1987)
Following the split of 'The Runners', Mark Edwards signed with WEA Records and released one album in 1986 entitled ‘Land Of The Living’. His only foray into the Australian singles chart was with the advance single ‘Worlds Away’ (#70, early ‘86). Several other singles were released including the title track and my favourite tracks from the album "Somebody Like You" and "World's Away". Also featured on these brilliant tracks were acclaimed session man Ricki Fataar and legendary backing singer Venetta Fields (ex-Boz Scaggs, John Farnham). Sadly, the album failed to sell well and Edwards never recorded a follow up. [extract from rqsretrouniverse]
Album Review
"Polished Pop By Edwards"
With Land Of The Living, his debut solo album, former Runner's front man Mark Edwards lays himself a solid foundation for an enduring career as a songwriter and performer.
Edwards, now a resident of Newport Beach, spent two years writing, performing, and producing Land Of The Living with collaborator Michael Hegerty.
Land Of The Living is a collection of fine pop songs showcased well by production that is clean and polished.
The songs, while impressive from the first spin, insinuate themselves with each successive hearing. But they really come to life live where their most positive aspects are given a chance to shine. Paul Berton's guitar is prominent throughout and often gives a distinctly surfy feel.  [Review taken from Morning Sydney Herald, Entertainment Section, Dec 4, 1986]
This post consists of FLAC's and MP3's (320kps) ripped from my virgin vinyl and comes with album artwork for both LP and CD releases. I've also managed to source cover artwork and labels for all single releases taken from this album, as well as rips of the non-album tracks "Back in the Land of the Living" and newly arrived "Moonbeam" (thanks to Rainman at Midoztouch2).
In my opinion, this album is OK but lacks the magic and dynamics that Hitting The Wall captured when Edwards was singing upfront for the Runners.
01. Land of the Living
02. World's Away
03. So Listen
04. Something New
05. Candy Baby
06. Wedding Ring
07. Only a Love
08. Life and Times
09. Time Goes By
10. Somebody Like You
11. Back in the Land of the Living (Bonus Track)

12. Moonbeam (Bonus Track)

Band members were:
Mark Edwards - vocals, keyboards, guitars, bass, drum programming
Peter Bondy - keyboards
Mathew Sloggett - keyboards
James Morrison - trumpet
Tony Buchanan - saxophone
Paul Berton - guitars
Michael Hegerty - bass, keyboards, piano, drum programming, backing vocals
John Pryor - drums
Ricky Fataar - drums
Mark Kennedy - drums, percussion

Hanuman Dass - additional drum programming
Rick Chadwick - programming, keyboards
Vanetta Fields - backing vocals
Sharon O'Neill - backing vocals

Mark Edwards FLACs (338Mb) New Link 16/10/2015
Mark Edwards MP3's (136Mb) New Rip 29/01/2017


  1. I have "Moonbeam" on a 45.
    Record player is not working so I can not rip it for you.
    Happy to post you the 45, please contact me at downunderu2@gmail.com

  2. Hello from Portugal...
    Looking for a long time acopy of MARK EDWARDS - HIGH TIMES...any chance?


    1. Hi Anibal - unfortunately no, I haven't come across this 7" single (released in Sept, 1987). Will definitively keep an eye out for it at the swap meets. Thanks for dropping by

  3. I bought this terrific album on release on cassette 1986. I still have it. Added the CD which includes Back In The Land Of The Living but not Moonbeam a few years later. Its my most treasured disc. Thanks for the site - a terrific resource.