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Eric Clapton - Unauthorised Live Vol.1 (1993) Bootleg

(U.K 1962 - Present)
By 1975, Eric Clapton has been firmly established himself as a solo artist, having been involved with some of the most important blues and rock acts of the 1960s. From the Yardbirds, through the Bluesbreakers, to Cream and Derek & The Dominos, Clapton's guitar playing had been featured on a plethora of classic records, and his reputation was that, as early as 1966, the words Clapton Is God were spray painted onto a wall in London.

But the early 1970's were a lean time for Eric and, following many years of drug and alcohol dependence, his eponymous 1970 solo debut was not the subject of a follow-up for another four years.
Titled '461 Ocean Boulevard' and released in 1974, it featured a major hit single for Clapton with Bob Marley's, "I Shot The Sheriff". He followed this with several low key albums in 1975, 'There's One In Every Crowd' and 'E.C was Here'

Eric Clapton 1977
In 1976, Clapton released 'No Reason to Cry', which featured all members of The Band backing him.
Also featured was a Dylan number "Sign Language" and further contributions from Ron Wood, Georgie Fame, Yvonne Elliman, Marcy Levy, Billy Preston and Carl Radle. The album reached the Top 20 in six countries and went Silver in the UK

In support of 'No Reason to Cry', Clapton took his band on the road to a number of dates in the US and the UK. The performance featured on this JOKER release was captured at the Convention Center in Dallas on November 15th, 1976.
Taken from a live FM radio broadcast and presented in perfect audio quality, this remarkable concert
with Clapton performing better than he had done for many years is now available on CD for the first time.
Concert Review [by Trablu]
Eric Clapton's concert on November 15, 1976 at the Convention Center in Dallas was aired on one of the weekly Sunday Night broadcasts of over 300 connected radio stations for the US-wide radio music show KING BISCUIT FLOWER HOUR.

The radio show, which first aired on television in 1973 and was on air until the mid-eighties and was finally closed after a comeback in 2007, has only aired its own recorded live recordings, including from the band, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Bruce Springsteen, The Rolling Stones and the Who.
None of these concerts - to my knowledge - have been officially released to date on recordings.

Clapton's concert was booted many times, first appeared SIGN LANGUAGE and LAYLA on the LP SNOWHEAD (1978), along with the first songs of the concert in Santa Monica in 1978. Last and for the first time completely on the double CD HELLO OLD FRIEND (1998).

The now appearing recording contains the complete radio program, but not the complete concert.
And there's no need to add FURTHER ON UP THE ROAD to Freddie King as a guest guitarist. It was the last shot of Kings. He died a good five weeks later.
The song was the only one on the posthumous LP FREDDIE KING 1934 - 1976. And later on the 5-CD box FREDDIE KING TEXAS FLYER 1974 - 1976, the King / Clapton studio session alongside King's last studio recordings 1974 in the Criteria Studios in Miami contains.

Clapton's music in Dallas was relaxed and punchy in one.  Particularly noteworthy are the versions of TELL THE TRUTH - with a duration of almost 15 minutes!  A jam session par excellence. And LAYLA in three parts: first the familiar first part, then - instead of the second part with the piano part - a two and a half minute percussion / percussion solo and the third part with a good three and a half minute instrumental reprise of the first part. There is no further recording of this version.

THE DALLAS COWBOY - TEXAS BROADCAST 1976 may not be really official either.
But belong to the meanwhile long row of radio recordings that have existed for a good two years. These include live recordings by Mike Bloomfield, Paul Butterfield, Buddy Guy, Freddie King, Muddy Waters and Johnny Winter.  But after all, it's the music that counts.

And Eric Clapton was excellent in 1976. At the Shangri-La Studios in Mailbu recording NO REASON TO CRY and on stage at the Convention Center in Dallas.
[extract from clapton.de forum]

Mark Knopfler (Guest Artist)
This post consists of MP3 (320kps) ripped from my JOKER bootleg CD and includes the usual Red and White generic artwork. Also released as 'The Dallas Cowboy' and 'Dallas 1976 Pre-FM Master', and JOKER's alternative release in its black and red series (see below), this bootleg recording is A+ with all tracks.
Tracks 1 - 6 recorded at the Convention Centre, Dallas. 15 Nov, 1976 on his "No Reason To Cry" U.S. Tour.  Tracks 7 - 8 recorded at the Irvine Meadows Amphitheatre, Laguna Hills. 23 Aug, 1988.
Track Listing
01 - Hello Old Friend (3:51)
02 - Sign Language (3:46)
03 - Badge (7:41)
04 - Wonderful Night (7:45)
05 - Tell The Truth (13:08)
06 - Layla (8:37)
07 - I Shot The Sheriff (6:53) *
08 - Tearing Us Apart (7:19) *
Backing Vocals – Marcy Levy, Yvonne Elliman
Bass Guitar – Carl Radle
Drums – Jamie Oldaker
Guitar, Vocals – George Terry
Guitar, Vocals – Eric Clapton
Keyboards – Dick Sims
Percussion – Sergio Pastora Rodriguez
Guitar - Mark Knopfler *

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