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Budgie - Budgie Live + 3 (1978) Bootleg

(U.K 1971 - Present)
This is a hard to find Budgie bootleg and having finally located a copy, it's become apparent that the cover artwork is both inaccurate and misleading.

Firstly, the band members depicted on the front cover do not match the annotated date of the recordings (1978). Drummer Pete Boot is depicted on the cover (LHS) yet Steve Williams was well and truly playing the drums for Budgie from 1975.  In fact, the inside cover depicts the correct band for 1978, but clearly creates confusion for the listener.

Secondly, the labelling on the back cover states that the recordings come from two gigs held in 1978, one held at 'The Electric Ballroom' in Milwakee and another gig in Los Angeles.  A comparison in track lengths and basic song structure (for Tracks 1-8) with the official Milwakee release (see previous post) clearly shows that none of these tracks were recorded at The Electric Ballroom and simply come from a gig held later in the year (October), in Los Angeles (see Radio Sessions).

Inside Cover
It should also be noted that dual guitars can be clearly heard in these performances, indicating that these recordings come from a period in Budgie's lineup when 'Myf Isaac' was playing rhythm guitar alongside the legendary lead guitarist Tony Bourge. Their sound on stage is distinctly fuller and Bourge is given a lot more freedom to reproduce those magical lead breaks that he is renowned for on record.

Budgie received Myf Isaac, a former member of Quest, as the second guitar player for live performances in 1978. After their next trip to America they released a much-wanted live recording of "Live At Atlantik Studios". But the pressure on the band and the small sales of the album caused them to return to Britain in mid-1978 as both Myf and the founding member, guitarist Tony Bourge. Isaacs then endeared in Welsh productions like BANDO, CRYS and EDEN. Trapeze guitarist Rob Kendrick took on the guitarist position, but he did not stay with Budgie for long. After another series of successful concerts in the UK during October and November Kendrick left the band. In 1979, he was officially replaced by 'Big' John Thomas, also known as J.T, a high quality player from George Hatcher Band, who debuted with a band at Stafford Bingley Hall on December 15th.

Budgie Live in L.A 1978
The origin of the 3 bonus tracks on this bootleg is a mystery, but I'm guessing these were recorded some years later based on the track titles, perhaps 1981/82, maybe at the Reading Festival.

Featured Band Members

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Track Listing
01 - Breadfan
02 - In The Grip Of A Tyrefitter's Hand
03 - In For The Kill / You're The Biggest
Thing Since Powdered Milk / Rocking Man
04 - Zoom Club
05 - Smile Boy Smile
06 - Breaking All The House Rules
07 - Love For You Me
08 - Sky High Percentage
09 - Guts
10 - Superstar
11 - Panzer Division Destroyed

Budgie were:
Burke Shelley- Vocals, Bass
Tony Bourge - Guitar, Vocals
Myf Issac - Lead Guitar
Steve Williams - Drums

Budgie Live 1978 Link (146Mb) New Link 09/06/2019


  1. Nice Post, you are correct as to the fact that the last 2 tracks are from the reading festival 82 for sure, just checked out the double disc of it, not sure where the other song comes from though, sounds like the studio version with a crowd overdubbed onto the beginning!

  2. Replies
    1. I've altered the link Host, so you should be able to download this now.