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The Party Boys - Live At Several 21st's (1983)

(Australian 1982–1992, 1999, 2011)
Ex-Mondo Rock member Paul Christie formed The Party Boys in 1982 as an occasional “supergroup” consisting of some of Australia’s finest musicians. The concept was that Christie would employ players (all of whom had other commitments) when the need arose, and that the set they played would consist entirely of cover versions.

Paul Christie is an Australian bassist and vocalist born in Brisbane in 1953. He came to prominence as a member of the second and most successful lineup of the group Mondo Rock, which was founded by former Daddy Cool leader Ross Wilson. Christie performed on many of the group's hits in the early 1980s including 'State of The Heart', 'Cool World', 'Summer of '81', 'Chemistry', 'No Time', 'The Queen & Me' & 'In Another Love'.

After leaving Mondo Rock Christie founded the all-star touring group The Party Boys in November of 1982. From his memoirs...

'Upon leaving Mondo Rock in late 1982 I returned to Sydney and took a break on the northern beaches. I thought about options for the future and devised the concept of The Party Boys. Australian Crawl singer James Reyne & I had become friends whilst I was living in Melbourne. We shared a common belief that as musicians, we were not receiving the best financial returns based on the success experienced in our respective bands. This was the way the music business was structured coming out of the ‘70’s into the early ‘80’s...
I believed a line-up of musicians from a number of known bands performing together for an interim period, managed and coordinated by myself, would succeed, for the benefit of the musicians. In October of 1982 I approached the manager of Moby Dick Surfers Club, Graham Chatfield and proposed two concert dates for Nov 14th & 21st 1982. He accepted and booked the yet unrehearsed band. James was in Sydney filming ‘Return To Eden’, he had available time. I called guitarist Ian Moss (Cold Chisel) who was unavailable however his housemate Harvey James (Ariel, Sherbet) was and agreed to participate. I had worked with The Angels fleetingly and become friends with drummer Graham Bidstrup, he joined along with Kevin Borich who had employed me as bass player from 1977-1979 in the Kevin Borich Express...

The Nov 14th date was wildly successful, the band then performed at The Astra Hotel Bondi, The National Hotel Brisbane, The Manly Vale Hotel then Moby’s again on the 21st. A live album ‘Live At Several 21st’s' was recorded by Keith Walker of 2JJJ at Manly Vale. Released by EMI Records it achieved Gold + sales status. The band went through several incarnations over the next decade and included many famous Australian and international musicians including former and current members of Status Quo, The Eagles, Kevin Borich, The Animals, The Angels, Sherbet, Skyhooks, Rose Tattoo, 

The Choirboys, Australian Crawl, Divinyls, Models, Dragon, Swanee, GANGgajang, Rainbow, Alcatrazz, AC/DC and Noiseworks. [Extract from]

By 1987, the band had released four live albums (and a Best Of collection), with Live At Several 21sts (1983) making the national Top 10. The band finally entered the recording studio in 1987 to put down a cover version of John Kongas’ 1971 hit He’s Gonna Step On You Again, which reached Number One.

.This post consists of FLACs and MP3's (320kps) freshly ripped from my immaculately kept vinyl (so fresh that you can almost smell the Burbon & Coke that was consumed during these recordings)
Full album artwork for both CD and vinyl is also included along with label scans,  for your pleasure.
All of the tracks of on this album are well executed covers of popular hits by bands such as The Rolling Stones, Lou Reed, and Willy Dixon (to name a few), but my favourite track is their cover of the Door's hit "Been Down So Long" (originally released on their LA Woman album).
Get it while it's still hot !
Track Listing
Side one.
01. Not fade away
02. I'm your Hoochie Coochie Man
03. Beat goes on
04. Don't let go
05. Superfreak
Side two.
01. Been down so long
02. My baby drove up in a brand new Cadillac
03. Gunslinger
04. Bitch
05. White light/White heat

The Party Boys were:
James Reyne - lead vocals
Graham "Buzz" Bidstrup - drums
Kevin Borich - guitar and vocals
Paul Christie - bass and vocals
Harvey "Harry" James - guitar and vocals
The Party Boy's MP3 Link (106Mb)
The Party Boys FLACs (293Mb)  New Link 03/05/2020


  1. Great band never lucky enough to see them but have most of their albums.

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  2. Thanks very much for making this great record available. It brings back the 80s.