Saturday, May 31, 2014

Rock On Vinyl Turns 5 Today - Happy Birthday

(Various Artists)
Rock On Vinyl turns '5' today, starting way back in 2009, on May 31st.
My first post was Cold Chisel's ultra rare 12" E.P 'You're 13, You're Beautiful and You're Mine'. (As WEA reissued the complete Cold Chisel catalog on CD recently, this posting is now disabled).
I'm proud to say that this has been my stance from day one, to only post music released on Vinyl which is not currently available on CD. Of course I sometimes question the validity of the pricing advertised on Amazon for some CD releases, with prices reaching into the 100's of dollars. This is sheer greed in my opinion.
Anyhow, back to the party at hand. So, what about some stats for the blog - since June, 2009 there have been:

- 828,000 Visitors

- 1.6 Million Page Views with visitors coming mostly from United States, Australia, the UK and Germany

- 477 Posts covering over 350 artists / bands

- Most popular posts being Bruce Willis (WOCK on Vinyl), The Runaways (Legend) and Deep Purple (Powerhouse)

- At present, the blog has 172 followers contributing to more than 1100 comments
So thanks everyone, for your support over the past five years. I hope you've found a few gems along the way and I will endeavor to keep delivering the goods for at least another five!
Remember, I'm always open to suggestions on what to post, as long as they fit the 'unavailable' criteria. Just leave a comment and I'll see what I can do.
OK - I'm off to have some of this yummy 'birthday cake' now and work on my next post. But as a small birthday present to you, I've posted a compilation of Birthday songs for your enjoyment. Keeping in the spirit of this blog, the number and total length of the tracks on this compilation would actually fit on a vinyl pressing. And so the party begins......
Track Listing
01 - Happy Birthday (Stevie Wonder)
02 - Happy Birthday Lisa (The Simpsons/Micheal Jackson)
03 - Silver City Birthday Celebration Day (Brian Cadd)
04 - Birthday (The Sunnyboys)
05 - Magician's Birthday (Uriah Heep)
06 - Happy Birthday Helen (Things of Stone & Wood)
07 - Happy Birthday Rock & Roll (The Pirates)
08 - Happy Birthday To Me (Ross Ryan)
09 - Celebration (Kevin Borich)
10 - Celebrate (Dragon)
Happy Birthday (MP3 / 110Mb)


  1. Happy Birthday to one of the coolest five year olds on the block. What's he going to get up to at school! Cheers

  2. Congrats on five years, and a great blog!

  3. Congrats on your milestone! Keep rockin' , T:-)

  4. Thank you and Happy Birthday,
    Keep on Wockin' in the Fwee world!! ;)
    Eduardo con Strada Moreland.

  5. "happy birthday helen" is actually a track by Things of Stone & Wood [not Crowded House] sorry to say Released in 1992 sung by Greg Arnold from The Yearning LP .
    but still congratulations for hanging in there

    1. Thanks for the clarification on the origin of this track Platty21 - my mistake of course.
      All fixed now

  6. Thanks to everyone for your well wishes and words of support. Here's hoping I can keep it going for another 5 !

  7. Happy Birthday! Keep on rockin´! Great work!!! Best regards from Czech republic, Europe.

  8. Happy belated birfday bloke