Wednesday, November 30, 2011

W.O.C.K On Vinyl - Cold Blue Hunger (E.P 1988)

(Australian 1986-1988)
Before things get too serious here at Rock On Vinyl, I thought it might be fun to post a song at the end of each month, that could be categorized as being either Weird, Obscure, Crazy or just plain Korny.
There's not much information available about this Obscure Melbourne band from the late 80's.
Cold Blue
Hunger evolved out of the bands 'Particular Motion' & 'The Plastoids' which were heavily based on Synthesizers but as 'Cold Blue Hunger' they had a tougher edge without losing its modern 80's sound. They were a Melbourne band playing the pub circuit during the later part of the 80's but never really made the big time. They played at such venues as the Corner Hotel in Richmond, the Tankerville Arms Hotel in Fitzroy and the Prince of Wales Hotel St. Kilda.
While playing under the name of the Plastoids, they released an independent single called "Blue Cold Hunger", and was probably the inspiration for their name change. As Cold Blue Hunger, they released a single in 1987 entitled "Wasted Time" and a selftitled 4 track 12" E.P in 1988, as featured in this post.
The 'Who's Who of Australian Rock' cites this independently released E.P as being called "Finland Friends" but was probably derived from the first track on the E.P of the same name. It was recorded at the Sing Sing Recording Studios in Melbourne.
Band member details are also vague, as both the E.P and Who's Who Of Aust Rock only cite them by their first names: Paula (Vocals, Keyboards), Mal (Bass), T.C (Guitar, Vocals), Rocky (Drums), Nick (Guitar)
If I was forced to compare them with another band I would probably say 'Big Pig' or 'The Eurogliders', but in my opinion they didn't really have that 'X factor' which bands need to break into the charts.
Anyhow, if you are curious about this band, as I was, when I came across the E.P at my local trash & treasure, or you simply have a 'cold blue hunger' to hear another WOCK posting, why not download this post and have a listen.
The post contains mp3's ripped from vinyl at 320kps and includes full artwork and label scans
Track listing
01 - Finland Friends (2:50)

02 - Oh So New (2:28)

03 - Get Out Get Up (3:07)

04 - Dollar (2:45)

Band members:
Paula (vocals, keyboards)

Mal (Bass)

Rocky (Drums)

Nick (Guitar)

T.C (Guitar, Vocals)

Cold Blue Hunger Link (27Mb) REPOST


  1. Unsure if the original comment I wrote went through, but I would like to notify you that the ripped posting of this MP4 is greatly unappreciated by some of the members of Cold Blue Hunger, who do not wish this soundtrack to be available online and ILLEGALLY (might I add), even though it is quite rare. I am unable to contact you via email, so therefore I request that this soundtrack PLEASE be taken down, before further action is taken.


  2. .... On further deliberation with other band members, we have come to a decision to allow you to keep this track uploaded, due to the indeed rare nature of the track. Seriously I apologise about the previous message, a band member just told me it was okay to keep it up here because it was released so long ago, and that they aren't releasing copies anymore anyway... On the other hand, if you're still curious about the band, just post a comment here and I would be able to tell you a bit more about it or even ask them to send you a message and all.
    Sorry again. I get really heated up about things like this that are so close to home for no reason, plus I'm tired and all... Sorry! >o<

    1. So yeah, to clarify, no action will be taken or anything, I didn't know that they'd changed their views on the availability of the soundtrack and all.
      So thanks for writing this cool article, I guess. One of the band members says thank you as well. :P

    2. Hi - I'm relieved to hear that there has been a change of heart regarding this post, as one of my main goals for this blog is to keep our wonderful Aussie rock alive, especially music that is no longer available. For others reading this, I would like to reiterate my 'welcome statement' which states that I will always support requests to remove a post if copyright has been breached. In this case, I believed that it would not be a problem due to the obscurity of the EP and felt that the material was worthy of being made available again. I appreciate the support made by members of Cold Blue Hunger and feel privileged as a result.
      Now, if you have any further details about the band (in particular full names !) I would accept it graciously and append to this post for all to read. My email address is
      All the best. AR

  3. Awesome, apologies for not reading the welcome statement earlier on, I was unable to find it on my initial interaction with this website as I was on mobile.
    I have passed on your email address to one of the band members, and I shall text it to another shortly. Hopefully you'll receive an email from them soon!
    I asked about sharing the names here, but unfortunately I am not permitted to. However I'm sure that if you ask them in a reply email, they'll probably be fine with telling you.
    (Hint hint though, if it helps, Cold Blue Hunger and its members morphed into a more heavy metal based band which circulated around Melbourne in the 90s, called Velvet Hammer!)