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Nova - Blink (1975)

(Italian 1975-78)
Initially named Uno, the band was created in London in the mid-70's by ex-members of Cervello and Osanna, namely guitarist Corrado Rustici, guitarist Danilo Rustici and sax & flute player Elio D'Anna. The roster of permanent and guest musicians spread over their four albums is impressive: Morris Pert, Phil Collins, Ric Parnell (Ibis, Atomic Rooster), Narada Michael Walden (Mahavishna Orchestra, Santana) and Franco Lo Previte (Circus 2000, Duello Madre) and that only covers the drums & percussion department. Other contributors include keyboard player Renato Rosset, classical conga virtuoso Zakir Hussain and three bassists: Percy Jones, Barry Johnson (Lenny White's band Twennynine) and Luciano Milanese.
Nova released four albums between 1976 and 1978 (see other Nova postings)

'Blink', their first LP, is not as polished as the others but still offers lengthy jams with sumptuous guitar/sax dialogues. All four albums were released by Arista (a non-Italian label) of which only 'Blink', is available on CD. Danilo Rustici left after the first album (to reform Osanna), and Renato Rosset joined Nova in his place. [extract from Nova's MySpace page]
A logical precursor to Brand X, Nova is an Italian fusion band that features the mind-numbing bass and drum interplay similar to that of Brand X, but follows through with guitar, sax and vocals as well. Vocals are in English, and unlike many Italian bands that use English vocals, the singing does not detract from the overall quality of the music. After listening a few times, I realized that Nova has four lead instruments: The guitars, sax, bass and drums all play lead-styled lines, at the same time, for the most part.

The overall product is a very complex jam with occasional vocals. Any fan of Brand X, Mahavishna Orchestra or Return to Forever will find this interesting listening.
I reckon it is fantastic - another long lost Italian classic. The point that everyone misses with Nova is that 'Blink' is a completely amazing album full of technical complexities on the level of Zappa's best. They recorded three more albums, but 'Blink' stands on its own.

The album consists of six tracks, all divided into two parts, all giving high-energy and an enthralling jazz-rock experience. The four sung tracks are in very good English (all things considered), but really this is a minor aspect as all five musos are dishing out impressive
200 kph jazz fusion with impressive technical abilities. I would not actually say they reach Mahavishna or RTF's technical and virtuosic level, but they get pretty damn close.
Rip for this posting was taken from CD at 320kps and includes full album artwork. CD depicted below is the Japanese Mini-LP released in 1994.
Tracks Listing
01.  Tailor made - Part 1 & Part 2 (5:09)
02.  Something inside keeps you down - Part 1 & Part 2 (6:11)
03.  Nova - Part 1 & Part 2 (7:10)

04.  Used to be easy - Part 1 & Part 2 (5:12)

05.  Toy - Part 1 & Part 2 (4:21)

06.  Stroll on - Part 1 & Part 2 (10:33)

Band Members:
Elio D'Anna - alto (2-3-6), soprano (1-3-4) & tenor (5-6) saxes, flute (2)

Franco Loprevite - drums

Luciano Milanese - bass

Corrado Rustici - lead vocals (1-2-4-6), acoustic (2) & electric guitars

Danilo Rustici - electric guitar

Morris Pert - percussion

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