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Russell Morris - A Thousand Suns (1991) + Bonus Tracks

(Australian 1966-Present)
Russell Morris has been an icon of the Australian music industry since the 1960s. His classic hits include 'The Real Thing', 'Sweet, Sweet Love', 'Rachael', 'Part Three Into Paper Walls', 'The Girl That I Love' and 'Wings Of An Eagle'. During his solo career, Morris had done limited live performances without a band of his own. He then formed the Russell Morris Band and threw himself into a busy round of live performances, writing songs designed to be played live rather than chasing radio airplay, but scoring a couple of minor hits on the way. Eventually, the band played and recorded as Russell Morris & the Rubes.

In 1991, Morris released another solo album, 'A Thousand Suns'. Talking about the title track A Thousand Suns in a recent interview  Russell says that he figured people who heard this song probably  didn't really understand what it was about. "I wrote it after I read One Crowded Hour about the war photographer Neil Davis" says Morris. "I always liked the pictures the lyrics painted." 
A Thousand Suns Single Release
There is a lot of information about Russell on various sites about his early career, but not much about what Russell has been doing in later years, particularly since he released this featured album.
1992 ---- Morris played the part of Riff Raff in the new Rocky Horror Show
2000 ---- Played Simon Zealotes in the new Jesus Christ Superstar
2000 ---- Jim Keays of the Masters Apprentices replaced Ronnie Burns, forming the new group Cotton, Keays & Morris
2001 ---- The Real Thing and Wings of an Eagle were included in the soundtrack of the Australian film "The Dish"
2001 ---- Named in APRA's Top 20 "All Time Australian Greats"
2002 ---- Russell took part in the "Gimme Ted" benefit concert
2003 ---- Russell took part in the "Long Way to the Top" extravaganza
2005 ---- Russell was part of the Hard Road concert with Stevie Wright (EasyBeats)
2005 ---- Morris was inducted into the ASA Hall of Fame, with Ian 'Molly' Meldrum providing the induction speech.
2006 ---- Joined John Schumann & the Vagabond Crew with the Lawson Project
2006 ---- Singing with the Stars - Concert Series.
2007 ---- Lobby Lloyd’s Benefit Concert
2007 ---- Russell Morris & Brian Cadd "Unplugged". Two incredible nights performing with the Queensland Conservatorium students.
2007 ---- Wings of an Eagle included in the film of "The December Boys"
2007 ---- Concert for Max - Benefit concert for music legend Max Merritt.
2008 ---- Entertained the troops employed on Operation ANODE in the Solomon Islands.
2011 ---- Inducted into the ARIA Hall of Fame.

2011 ---- Brian Cadd & Russell Morris release a Country & Western album "Wild Bulls & Horses" - - - 2012 ---- Russell presented with Support Act's Excellence in Community Support Award.
2012 ---- Russell organised and played a memorial concert at the Palais Theatre in St.Kilda, Melbourne for Darryl Cotton (Concert for DAZ - A celebration of the life of Darryl)
2012 ---- New Russell Morris blues album "Sharkmouth" official release Friday October 12

The project was created after Russell had read about a 1920's Gangster from Sydney, Shark Jaws. This was the driving force behind a desire to create an album including Australian characters from the 1920/30's era..mostly whom were gangsters!
This post consists of FLACs taken from both CD and Vinyl.  The album itself was taken from CD and includes full album artwork. The two bonus tracks "Stay With You" / "Turn To Stone" were taken from a 45 released in 1983, with a very different version of "Stay With You" to that released in 1991. 
In addition, non-album tracks "This Bird Has Flown (demo version)" released with the CD single "A Thousand Suns" and "She Is Leaving", released with the 1991 CD single "Stay With You" are also included (thanks to Deutros). 
Overall, this is a strong album with every track having its own merit. The highlights for me are certainly the title track, his earlier single "Stay With You" and of course the 1990 remixed version of "The Real Thing".
Track Listing
01 - A Thousand Suns    
02 - Tartan Lines    
03 - Stay With You    
04 - Child Inside    
05 - New Dawn    
06 - Jungle At Night    
07 - Between The Waves    
08 - The Bigger They Come    
09 - Steal Away    
10 - Over Excited    
11 - The Real Thing (1990 Mix)
Bonus Tracks
12 - I'll Stay With You (A-Side Single)
13 - Turn To Stone (B-Side Single)
14 - This Bird Has Flown (demo version)
15 - She Is Leaving (B-Side Single)
Band Members:
Russell Morris (Guitar, Vocals)
Chong Lim (Keyboards)
Graham Thompson, Ian Belton, Jim Landers (Bass)
Mark Punch, Mark Moffatt,Ben Butler & Rex Goh (Guitar)
Ricky Fataar (Drums, Percussion)
Andrew Thompson (saxaphone)
Venetta Fields, Mark Williams, Mark Punch,
Shauna Jensen, Kevin bennett & Taya Francis
(Backing Vocals)

Russell Morris FLACs Link (453Mb) New Link 23/08/2020

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