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Daniel - Last Night In The City (1978) + Bonus Tracks

(Australian 1976-79)
Originating in Newcastle (NSW) under the name 'Delta', the band moved to Sydney, then on to the Melbourne circuit as Daniel. A clean blend of R'n'B with country overtones and featuring three part harmonies, the band came to the attention of Mike Rudd (Spectrum and Ariel) who then produced this, their only album.
For me, Daniel sounded a lot like Stars (both vocally and instrumentally) but still retained their own distinct sound. Roger Pyke's voice is very similar to that of Mick Pealing, particularly in "Creep" and "Loves Loser", while Paul Trimble's guitar work (particularly his Steel Guitar licks) are reminiscent of the legendary Andy Durant.
I remember seeing Daniel at the Nightmoves Concerts in the late 70's, held at the St Kilda Palace and thinking how much they reminded me of the Stars who were big at the time.
Their album was not released at this time but they did have a flexi-disk single give-away in a current edition of RAM Magazine, which featured their hit single "Last Night In The City" and a promotional B-side for Yamaha with Mike Rudd talking with the band about their sound and Yamaha equipment. For more information about their preferred sound equipment see the following Yamaha Webpage.
During their three year career, they only released three singles and their debut album. As mentioned, their hit single was also captured live on a second Nighmoves Concert release, and "Two Wrongs" appeared later on the Nightmoves DVD release.
The album is easy to listen to and it is obvious that all band members were very talented musicians. It is a shame that they didn't stay together to record more material and were probably lacking the power of a Michael Gudisnski to promote them better.
Thanks to Vinco at Midoztouch for the album rip and artwork, along with the bonus singles and live version of Two Wrongs, all at 256kps.
The Promo Flexi disk A & B Sides were ripped from my copy at 320kps. I have also included scans of the Flexi Disk and cover - my copy is yellow but I believe it was also released on blue vinyl. (Note: I have replaced the title track with another rip as Vinco's original skips somewhere in the middle)
Track Listing
01 - Waiter Waiter
02 - Creep

03 - Go
04 - Do The Whiteman

05 - Sad Sad Day

06 - Last Night In The City

07 - Moon-Go-Round

08 - Loves Loser

09 - Bon Voyage Australia

10 - The Wind

[Bonus Tracks]
11 - Are You Listening (Single-A)

12 - High Spot (Single-B)

13 - Last Night In The City (Live Nightmoves)
14 - Two Wrongs Don't Make A Right (Live Nightmoves)
15 - Flexi Promo-Last Night In The City (Single A)
16 - Flexi Promo-For Yamaha (Single B)

Band Members:
Roger Pyke (Vocals, Guitar)

David Stewart (Drums, Vocals)

James Neal (Bass, Vocals)

Paul Trimble (Guitar)

Jose McLaughlin (Keyboards)

Daniel Link (118Mb) REPOSTED 27/10/2012


  1. Thanks for posting Last Night In The City, AussieRock.

    Unfortunately, the file no longer exists and I wasn't able to grab it before it decided to disappear.

    Would you mind uploading it again?

    By the way, I have a sneaking suspicion that the comment by "Santhiya" was spam. The comment is vague enough to make you believe that someone is actually talking about what you posted, but then the commenter adds a completely unrelated link at the end of their comment. I get a few of these kinds of comments on my blog, but Blogger is pretty good at recognising them as spam and deletes the little critters before they get to be seen on the blog.

  2. There ya go Peter - its been reuploaded,

    cheers mate

    1. Much obliged, AussieRock. I haven't heard Last Night In The City in years, and I've been itching to hear it again ever since I saw your post.

      You've provided a marvellous public service, my good man.

      (Unless I listen to the album again and say to myself: "Oh, that's dreadful. What was I thinking all those years ago?")

    2. Phew. I enjoyed it. Thanks, AussieRock, for making it available again after all this time.

  3. Thanks guys, great work .. I've just been given MP3's of a recording made in 1979 of a Launceston cover band, in which I was the keyboard player, that covered 3 of Daniel's tunes including 'Do the White Man'!! We were clearly fans and I'm stoked to be able to listen to the originals again.
    I concur with Peter in applauding the public service you provide and (now bookmarked) intend frequent visits to your wonderful site :-) Here's cheers and many thanks

    1. Hi John - thanks for dropping by and your kind words. Nice to have someone from Tassie aboard. I'd be interested to hear of any bands that you know of, that originated from across the Bass Strait. I saw Daniel play at Bombay Rock many moons ago. Hope you enjoy these tracks.