Friday, January 1, 2010

Nova - Wings Of Love (1977)

(Italian 1975-78)
Nova is an Italian band influenced by the Mahavishnu Orchestra's acoustic stylings, Wayne Shorter's soprano sax attack, and British art rock vocalizing. The resultant fusion is airy and melodic.
With the formidable Percy Jones and the incredible Michael Walden replaced on bass and drums by total unknowns (Barry Johnson and Ric Parnell), who would expect Wings of Love to parallel the brilliance of "Vimana"? (see my earlier Nova posting)
The core remains the same nevertheless: the Santanesque Corrado Rustici, Elio D'Anna's suave sax and woodwinds and Renato Rosset's liberal use of Fender Rhodes among other keys. This is less like Crossfire or Weather Report, and a lot funkier at times and dreamier at others with breathlessly beautiful vocals. "You are Light" is a superb opener and one of my favourite tracks on the album, which just stays solidly on track providing a series of memorable tunes, with tons of oboe, flute and sax , crossing swords with Rustici's incredible fretwork.
There is a slight Mahavishnu / Santana vibe here, this record would partner well with Borboletta / Welcome or Visions of Emerald Beyond/ Birds of Fire. The fourth track has a real 'Focus' feel to it with flute and keyboard interplays and is a truly beautiful piece of music. Overall, this album is an extremely original recording, and very dissimilar from the previous "Vimana" or the following and somewhat disappointing "Sun City".
With "Wings of Love", the band seemed to take a new direction, what with the shorter track format and in particular bassist Barry Johnson's funky style, so different from Percy Jones. Packed with tension, rhythmic energy and technical brilliance. A treat for all jazz-fusion enthusiasts.
This rip was taken from my near mint vinyl in FLAC format and includes full album artwork.  This is my favourite Nova album and I highly recommend it, especially if you are into Jazz Rock.
Track Listing
01 - You Are Light
02 - Marshall Dillion

03 - Blue Lake

04 - Beauty Dream-Beauty Flame

05 - Golden Sky Boat

06 - Loveliness About You

07 - Inner Star

08 - Last Silence

Band Members:

Elio D'Anna (saxes, flutes
Corrado Rustici (guitars, lead vocals, percussion
Renato Rosset (keyboards
Barry Johnson (bass, vocals
Ric Parnell (drums, percussion)


Nova FLAC Link (316Mb)


  1. Big thanks for this and for the great job. I don't know if you're interested, but I have a great album from around the same time of this one: "Cordon Bleu", from the Dutch band Solution (in vinyl and cd both). Let me know if you - or anyone - wants this. Cheers

  2. Thanks for dropping by Arménio Pereira - hope you enjoy this Nova treat.
    If Solution are a similar Jazz Fusion band, then I would be very ineterested in hearing them
    Cheers from downunder !

  3. Thank you very much !
    I have Nova - Vimana on vynil
    but this one I found on your amazing blog