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Guns N' Roses - November Rain Unauthorised Vol.2 (1993) Bootleg

 (U.S 1985 - Present)

Guns N' Roses
are the bridge separating 1980s and 1990s hard rock, the band responsible for ushering in an era of grim, gritty rock & roll. Where such peers as reveled in the decadence of Sunset Strip sleaze, Guns N' Roses focused on the grimy underbelly of the urban jungle, with guitarists and cranking out mean riffs that matched the dark fantasies of , the vocalist who led GNR with a serpentine charm. countered his nasty tendencies with a romantic side, one that flourished on "Sweet Child O' Mine," the soaring ballad that went to number one in 1988, turning the band into superstars in the process.

Over the next few years, GNR's 1987 debut album, Appetite for Destruction, sold in monstrous numbers, with "Welcome to the Jungle" and "Paradise City" both reaching Billboard's Top Ten and "Patience," from the 1989 EP GNR Lies, also reaching that exalted position. During this peak, Guns N' Roses were lightning rods for controversy, so they avoided trouble by whiling away in the studio crafting their sequel to Appetite for Destruction, the sprawling twin albums Use Your Illusion I and Use Your Illusion II. Released simultaneously in September 1991, the Illusions still were rooted in hard rock, but also pursued majestic, melodramatic balladry, a trait that reached its apotheosis in "November Rain," a ballad that became their last Top Ten hit in 1992.

This Bootleg is the 2nd homecoming show of the 'Use Your Illusion' tour for Izzy and Axl. During the show Axl dedicates "Civil War" to all the military in the audience and has Sebastian Bach bring out a dancer during "Rocket Queen."

This is the first ever live performance of "November Rain." and Axl plays the show with a cast on his leg.

This recording comes from the 2nd half of a show that took place at the Deer Creek Music Center, Noblesville, Indiana, on May 29 1991 during the GNR World Tour. All soundboard audio of this show, including this CD set, was ultimately taken from a 135 minute PRO-SHOT video that was stolen from GNR's video crew in the early 1990's.
Points of interest: Axl was 2 hours late for the gig, so they showed Texas Chainsaw Massacre on the big screens after Skid Row finished their opening set. Missing from the ending the show is Axl saying "Goodnight, and thank you, Homeland."

(From Rochester Democrat & Chronicle, 1991)

Exercising his right to freedom of speech has cost band leader Axl Rose and his group, Guns'N'Roses, $5,000. Hamilton County, Ind., authorities charged Rose and his group with two counts of curfew violation for playing past the county's limit for outdoor concerts at Deer Creek Music Center twice last week. The rock band played 55 minutes past the 11 p.m. curfew for weeknight concerts on Tuesday and 25 minutes past the next night. "That in and of itself wasn't so significant," Hamilton County Prosecutor Steve Nation said Saturday in announcing the charges. "What makes this different is that Axl Rose said on stage Tuesday that he knew about the curfew and thought it was stupid.

And he said a few things about our county and about our state." Rose, who grew up in Indiana, delivered a profane five-minute tirade on stage Tuesday when he discussed the curfew. Nation said other bands have played past the curfew at Deer Creek since it opened in 1989 but that this is the first time he has filed charges. The prosecutor said attorneys for the band have said they will not fight the charge or the fine. Rose said the same thing in announcing he would play past the curfew. [Thanks to Appetite For Discussion for this article]

(by Dave Bangert - Reporter for the Journal And Courier)

Start saving your lawn mowing money.

Guns n’ Roses is back with a vengeance. Rested, tested and tough to be bested — at least this summer tour season. If Wednesday night’s show at the Deer Creek Music Center was any indication, the Gunners’ next double-length album, Use Your Illusion, will be more than deserving of the big sales it’s guaranteed.

Now, I’m not much for big-time concerts. Watching a bunch of burly wanna-bees pump their fists in the air while they botch the lyrics isn’t my idea of a great show.

But seeing the two-hour-plus Guns n’ Roses show Wednesday was like seeing the Rolling Stones in their prime — a time before everyone in the audience knew the words to all the songs.
GN’R is the real article for the ’90s.

Instead of taking the easy out of a short set of high ticket, crapped-out hit singles, the band ran through the tight set and three encores like the rest of the rock ’n’ roll world was standing still. This had to be one of the best shows I’ve seen on the big stage in a long time.
Beg, borrow or steal a way to see this show when it hits other venues within a four-hour drive.

Maybe it was the freshness factor. Deer Creek was the second stop on the Guns n’ Roses massive two-year tour. Time will tell if lead singer Axl Rose still will be running the full-length of the stage with a flexible cast on his left leg — the Lafayette native recently tore some ligaments in his ankle — and hitting every pile-driving vocal cue. Will lead guitarist Slash’s cuts — ranging from a take on Hendrix’s “Voodoo Chile” to ‘‘Theme from The Godfather” — still be as fresh 42 shows in?

They were Wednesday, and that’s what counts for the homecoming show for Rose and another Lafayette native, rhythm guitarist Izzy Stradlin.
GN’R gave the crowd a pile of songs scheduled for the double CD Use Your Illusion I and Use Your Illusion II, due out in mid-to late-July. The CDs will be released separately, so you don’t have to fork over the full price right away.
Judging from the material Guns n’ Roses played Wednesday, both versions will be albums to be reckoned with in 1991.

Backed by the solid rhythm section of Duff McKagan on bass and new drummer Matt Sorum (formerly of The Cult), GN’R ripped out soon-to-be rock anthems “Double Talkin’ Jive,” “Dust and Bones,” “Civil War” and a cranked version of Wings’ “Live and Let Die.”
The highlight was “Bad Obsession,” a Stonesy feeling honky-tonk rocker made full bodied by the keyboard work of Dizzy Reed, the newest member of the band.

Look for their CD in stores soon. In the meantime, you’ll probably see me out there mowing lawns to save for this one.

[Thanks to Appetite For Discussion for this article]

Of course, not all concerts are a 'Bed of Roses' and it would seem that this was the case for this particular GNR show, as reported in a local Indiana newspaper article above.

This post consists of FLACs ripped from my Banana 'Unauthorised' CD Bootleg and includes the usual limited artwork.  Quality of the recording is definitely of Soundboard status and the track listing is a highlight. This bootleg has been released under other names -  'Dramas & Traumas', "Dreams & Illusions' and 'For MotherF*ckers Only' (see below) to name a few.

Track Listing
01 - Double Talkin' Jive   6:07
02 - November Rain 9:05
03 - Only Women Bleed (Intro)  1:31
04 - Knockin' On Heaven's Door 7:27
05 - Perfect Crime 2:25
06 - Estranged 10:46
07 - Bad Time (Intro) / Sweet Child O' Mine 6:39
08 - Welcome To The Jungle 4:46
09 - Paradise City  6:09

GNR were:
Axl Rose: Lead vocals, piano
Slash: Lead & rhythm guitars, backing vocals
Duff McKagan: Bass, backing vocals, lead vocals
Izzy Stradlin: Rhythm guitar, backing vocals
Matt Sorum: Drums, backing vocals
Dizzy Reed: Keyboards, backing vocals

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