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Jimi Hendrix - The Best Of Hendrix (Bootleg)

(U.S 1967-70)
This bootleg release is a combination of four different sources and recording dates and has been released under many different names: 'Jimi Hendrix Live' (1990), 'Purple Haze' (On Stage 1993), 'Foxy Lady' (Algebra 1996), 'Fire' (Swingin' Pig 1989) and this release 'Best Of Hendrix' by Eclipse (date unknown)
The following are brief accounts from these four concerts (thanks to Tony Brown):
Studio 4/Radiohuset, Stockholm Swedish Radio
"Pop 67 Special"
September 5, 1967

- Sgt.Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band  
- Hey Joe
- The Wind Cries Mary    
- Foxy Lady  
- The Burning Of The Midnight Lamp
The Experience record a live radio recording at the Radiohuset, Studio 4 in Stockholm before a live audience.
The experience perform "Sgt. Pepper's", "Hey Joe", "I Don't Live Today" (not included here, but was released on Fire In Stockholm 67),"The Wind Cries Mary", "Foy Lady", "Fire", "Burning The Midnight Lamp" and "Purple Haze" in front of a live audience for Swedish Radio and are interviewed by Klaes Borlin. The show was broadcast on September 10 as 'Pop 67 Special'
The Experience open with 'Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band'. "Yeah, thank you very much that was our own little thing. I'd like to do this song that really got us into something, a little song called 'Hey Joe.'"... "Thank you very much, now while your ears are still ringing, we'd like to go on and do another little tune called 'I Don't Live Today' dedicated to the American Indian."... "So right now we'd like to slow it down a little bit and do one of the tunes we recorded as a single. It's a little thing called 'The Wind Cries Mary'."... "Yeah okay than, we'd like to proceed on with a little tune from our LP... it's named 'Foxy Lady'." ... "Thank you very much, we'd like to go ahead on with this tune named 'Let Me Stand Next To Your Fire'."... "We'd like to do our latest release... it's a thing called 'The Burning of the Midnight Lamp'... it's the first time we ever did it in front of people."... "So right now we'd like to do our last number and say thanks a lot for coming and listening. It's a song named 'Purple Haze'." Jimi is now adding the wild feedback introduction to the song at almost all of his concerts around this time.
L'Olympia,Paris 2nd show
January 29, 1968

- Red House   
- Fire
- Little Wing
The Experience fly from Heathrow to Paris for two shows at the Olympia supported by The Animals. Their set comprises: "Killing Floor", "Catfish Blues", "Foxy Lady", "Red House", "Driving South", "The Wind Cries Mary", "Fire", "Little Wing" and "Purple Haze".
After their introduction for the second show, Jimi opens with 'Killing Floor'. "Yeah, thank you very much... We'd like to go ahead... and do a song that goes like this, here." He continues with 'Catfish Blues'. At the end of the song, someone in the audience shouts out in French, "Alee pop pa". Jimi responds with, "Yeah, dig. We got this groovy tune man..." At that point, someone in the audience takes a photo of him; he comments: "They're taking my picture man, oh man. Anyway dig, we've got this groovy tune that's named 'Tune up time, tune up time", dig, we got this groovy tune'." Jimi tunes his guitar and asks Noel to play an A, which he sings in a high-pitched voice, before asking the audience: "Give me a P, give me a P, come on." The audience responds by singing the same note that Jimi is singing. He comments: "Yeah, yeah that's great, that's great. We've got this song that goes something like this here - you all have to quiet as bunnies. And it goes something like this here." Jimi continues with 'Foxy Lady'. Afterwards, he tells the audience, "Hey dig... we're gonna feature Noel Redding, you know, the bass player. He's gonna play guitar on this song named 'Red House'. Remember this one, the record named 'Red House'? Anyway we gonna do this song named 'Red House' and Noel Redding's gonna play guitar there. So [we'll] get tuned up..." After tuning their guitars, Jimi instructs Noel and Mitch: "Real slow, real slow."
When the song is over, Jimi announces: "Right, now what we'd like to try to do is a instrumental for you just for a second, you know, just see if we can get ourselves back together again." They continue with 'Drivin' South', the last known time they play the song. Noel comments: "We have just learn't that." Jimi continues: "You know that there's a certain song that we like to play between every other song that we play. It's called a tune up song, you know."
At this point someone in the audience screams, and Jimi responds, "Yeah, and all that kind of... Elvis Presley... stuff." The same person screams again and Jimi announces in his Elvis voice, "Yeah there baby, you just have to sit down in a big old rocker there, yeah." He starts playing a few bars of old-time 12 bar blues. "Thank you very much there, thank you very much, yeah we sold a million records on that one right there and all that bull. Yeah, we'd like to go and do a song called 'The Wind Cries Mary', all right?" Afterwards, he comments: "We'd like to keep on going with a song called 'Let Me Stand Next To Your Fire'. During the song, Mitch manages to break his snare drum skin and so he has to find a replacement. Jimi is deciding what to play next and Noel suggests 'You've Got Me Floating'. Jimi replies "You've Got Me Floating, wow I think I've forgot the words to that one." Mitch has located another snare drum and Jimi announces, "Yeah, we're having trouble with the drums. If you just hold on for a second, Mitchell over there, better known as Queen Bee, he's having slight trouble, so will you just hold on for a second there.

Konserthuset, Stockholm (2 shows)
January 9, 1969

- Killing Floor
- Voodoo Child(slight return)   
- Purple Haze 
- The Star Spangled Banner
The Experience arrive in Stockholm at 14:25 and book into the Hotel Cariton. Jimi is interviewed by Ulla Lundstrom in his hotel room. They attend a press reception at 16:00 and are interviewed by Margareta Klinberg for Aftonbladet, published January 10, Peter Himmelstrand for Expressen,  published January 10, Dagens Nyheter, published January 10, and Benny Moller for Bildjoumalen, published January 10.
In the evening they play two shows at the Konserthuset at 19:00 and 21:30, supported by Jethro Tull.
During the first show The Experience perform 'Killing Floor', 'Spanish Castle Magic', 'Fire', 'Hey Joe', 'Voodoo Child', 'Red House' and 'Sunshine Of Your Love';
During the second, 'I Don't Live Today', 'Spanish Castle Magic', 'Hey Joe', 'Voodoo Child', 'Sunshine Of Your Love', 'Red House', 'Fire',  Purple Haze' and 'Star Spangled Banner'.
The second show is videotaped for Swedish TV Number 9 programme. Jimi is interviewed by Lennart Wretlind for Swedish radio, broadcast January 12 Pop 68 Special, Channel P3.
The Forum, Los Angeles
April 26, 1969
- The Sunshine Of Your Love
The Experience play The Forum, Los Angeles, supported by Cat Mother and Chicago Transit Authority.
The Experience perform "Tax Free", "Foxy Lady", "Red House","Spanish Castle Magic","Star Spangled Banner","Purple Haze", "I Don't Live Today","Voodoo Child" and "Sunshine Of Your Love". Jimi plays the last two tracks together breaking into "Sunshine Of Your Love" during the middle of "Voodoo Chile". You can just hear him going back into "Voodoo Chile" as "Sunshine of Your Love" fades out on this release.
After the show, Jimi goes to the Wiskey A Go Go with Mama Cass Elliot and Billy Eckstine
[Extracts from Hendrix: The Visual Documentatary by Tony Brown: The Original Edition, Omnibus Press, 1992. & Jimi Hendrix: Concert Files by Tony Brown. Omnibus Press, 1999]
This post consists of MP3 (320kps) ripped from the Australian release Eclipse CD and includes full album artwork. You'll also see below that I have this bootleg on Cassette Tape. The recordings are pretty damn good and highlight some peak moments in Hendrix's concert recordings. The title says it all....Enjoy !
Track Listing
01 - The Wind Cries Mary
02 - Burning The Midnight Lamp
03 - Foxy Lady
04 - Voodoo Chile (Slight Return)
05 - Killing Floor
06 - Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
07 - Hey Joe
08 - Sunshine Of Your Love
09 - Little Wing
10 - Fire
11 - Red House
12 - Purple Haze
13 - Star Spangled Banner (Not Listed)

The Jimi Hendrix Experience:
Jimi Hendrix - Guitar / Vocals
Noel Redding - Bass
Mitch Mitchell - Drums
The Best Of Hendrix Link (119Mb) New Link 21/09/2018



  1. I loved Jimi Hendrix and music from the first time I heard him singing Hey Joe. Saw him on an outdoor gig in Gothenburg, Sweden, in 1969 or early 1970

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