Monday, April 30, 2012

WOCK On Vinyl - Soft Kitty (Big Bang Theory)

(Nov 1, 2009 - April 13, 2012)

I would like dedicate this month's WOCK on Vinyl posting to my pet cat 'Kitty' who was struck by a car and killed this month, on Friday 13th.

She was a gorgeous creature with a loving and affectionate nature and I miss her dearly. Her adventurous and daring nature was her eventual downfall, yet I know she would not have been happy if she had been confined indoors. She lived her short life to the fullest.
She was one of 7 kittens (we gave way the other 6 to friends) and was destined to stay with us when she refused to be handled by our friends. The family think tank took ages to name her Kitty, and her mother (Putty) was no exception!

Although we are all still deeply saddened by her death, we are now focusing on supporting the mother who is probably missing her offspring and playmate even more. She continues to look for her and often waits near the back fence for her return, which makes it all that more difficult for us.

Now, just when I was thinking about how I could make a dedication to Kitty, I saw a repeat episode of the Big Bang Theory and what should come on the T.V but one of the funniest scenes in the series. It is when Sheldon asks Penny to sing 'Soft Kitty' to him while he is sick. I've gotta admit that this 'hard 'n' tough Aussie Rocker' shed a tear or two when he heard the song, but it also gave me the inspiration for this posting.
So, in dedication to my beautiful Kitty (who I'm sure
is still busy 'mousing' at this very moment, where ever her soul may be) I would like to share with you a segment of this very funny scene featuring the song 'Soft Kitty'. This song is for you Kitty and you will always be the K in WOCK on Vinyl.

Right: Putty & Kitty (my vinyl critics)

Soft Kitty (Big Bang Theory) MP3


  1. Hi mate so sorry to hear about your kitty, we have 6 cats and love them all like one of the family because that's what they are. RIP Kitty.

  2. Thanks for your kind thoughts Ozzie's - her mother is slowly adjusting, as we all are.

    Now, 6 cats ! The Purrrfect Family
    You both must be very busy !