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The Venetians - Calling All Lions (1986) + Bonus Tracks

(Australian 1982–1989)
The Venetians formed in late 1982, when Rik Swinn (lead vocalist) arrived in Australia with a 24-track master demo of a song he'd recorded in England. He read a newspaper advert placed by two musicians looking for a lead singer. Within weeks, Swinn hooked up with David Skeet (guitar and vocals), Matthew Hughes (keyboards), Peter Watson (bass guitar) and Tim Powles (drums) to form Venetians.
The Venetians released their first single "Sound On Sound" in 1983, a version of Swinn's original demo. The band signed with Festival Records' Parole Records label. Though accompanied by a video which attracted a lot of airplay, "Sound On Sound" failed to chart significantly. Their second single "Chinese I's" generated some chart action while the band began to build their reputation as a live act. They also began work on their debut album, Step Off the Edge, produced by Vic Coppersmith-Heaven. Following the release "Ooh La La" as the first single from Step Off the Edge, they got their first major break: as opening act on the Split Enz's "Enz With A Bang" farewell tour. This led to further major tour activity with Icehouse and Nik Kershaw. By 1985, they were an Australian live attraction in their own right. The band released the second single "Shine The Light" in February 1985, and the album Step Off The Edge in May 1985.
.Near the end of 1985, Venetians went into the studio with producer Mark Opitz to cut two songs, including the chartbusting "So Much For Love." As the band worked with producer Peter Blyton on the second album Calling In The Lions, "So Much For Love" scaled the Australian singles charts, peaking at number three on the national charts in March 1986. The Venetians then embarked on a two-month Australian tour, with The Church, and released "Inspiration," their follow-up to "So Much For Love." Both singles, and a third "If Somebody Loves You" are featured on Calling In The Lions, their first album released on the Chrysalis label. Chrysalis releasing Calling in the Lions and the single "So Much for Love" in the United States.
With the departure of Matthew Hughes in 1987, the Venetians spent the next year recording their third album, Amazing World. It produced three singles, "Amazing World", "Bitter Tears" and "Must Believe", but the chart success of Calling in the Lions wasn't to be repeated and the band broke up the following year.
Since 1994, Tim Powles has played drums for Scribble (985-1986), The Divinyls (1989), Angry Anderson Band (1990) and The Church where he currently plays a key role in both the management of the band and also the band’s recording process, producing their last three albums. David Skeet moved to the US in 1990 and worked as a producer/recording artist while signed to MCA Music in Los Angeles. He returned to Sydney in 1999 and continues to produce records, including projects at Tim Powles' Spacejunk studio,
Peter Watson lives in Sydney, and works in the Finance industry. He also performs occasionally with singer Louise Anton [extract from wikipedia]
This is their second album, it contains their biggest hit "So Much For Love" and several other singles which didn't chart as well - their 2nd single "Inspiration" and 3rd single "If Somebody Loves You".
The majority of their recording work had 12" remixes done as most of their hits were club oriented dance tracks...There have been some lucky individuals, who've found some of these on compilation dance albums, but the majority of them have not made it to CD. There is no "Greatest Hits " release, so I am including some of these 12" mixes here for you as bonus tracks, ripped from my own vinyl copies.
The main album featured here has been ripped from my CD copy at 320kps and includes full album artwork for both LP and CD. I've also included a scan of a limited edition poster that came with the vinyl release which has never been opened until now - awesome!
Track Listing
01 - So Much For Love
02 - Set Loose
03 - One From The Heart
04 - If Somebody Loves You

05 - Cairo
06 - Stay
07 - Inspiration

08 - Let It All Go
09 - Believe In Me
10 - Do It Together
[Bonus Tracks]
11 - Chinese I's (Here Come The Minute Men) (12" Single)

12 - Sound On Sound (12" Single)
13 - So Much For Love (Extended version)
14 - 10 (B-Side Single)

Band Members:
Rik Swinn (Lead Vocals)
David Skeet (Guitar, Vocals)
Matthew Hughes (Keyboards)
Tim Powles (Sonor Drums)
Peter Watson (Guitars)

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