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Iron Butterfly - Live Sweden (1971) Ex SB

(U.S 1966–1971, 1974–1985, 1987–present)
Here's an Iron Butterfly soundboard from Goteborg, Sweden in A+ quality.
With only two songs, it's not complete but they are really long songs. I just love this version of "In A Gadda Da Vida" - the drum solo isn't over the top like other versions.
In "Butterfly Bleu", guitarist Mike Pinera uses what he called the Magic Bag. Designed in 1969 by Doug Forbes, who called it simply The Bag, it was worn on a strap over the shoulder, like a wine bag, with a clear tube going to his mouth. Sound familiar? Two years later Bob Heil would develop the Talk Box, used by Joe Walsh ("Rocky Mountain Way") and Peter Frampton ("Do You Feel Like We Do") in 1973. They made it famous, but Iron Butterfly and Mike Pinera did it first.

Archetypal American heavy metal outfit, originated out of San Diego, California, with founder member keyboards man Doug Ingle plus drummer Bushy and fellow San Diegan Jerry Penrod, Danny Weis and Darryl DeLoach. This five cut the debut album Heavy in early 1968 but group friction caused Penrod, Weis and DeLoach to quit shortly after.
In their places Ingle and Bushy recruited Boston-born guitarist Erik Braunn and multi-instrumentalist Lee Dorman.
As four-piece, the group cut the monster-selling In A-Gadda-Da-Vida set later in 1968, that album staying on the U.S. album charts for more than two years, and becoming one of the largest-grossing rock albums of all time. It was also reputedly the first ever rock group album to achieve platinum status.
Predictably, however, the disproportionate acclaim garnered by In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida (title came from 17-minute composition by Doug Ingle) became something of a millstone around their necks. Braunn left in late 1969, to be replaced by the twin guitars of Mike Pinera and Larry Reinhardt (a former associate of Duane Allman).
Thus reorganised they recorded Iron Butterfly Live and Metamorphosis (both in 1970). However, the rot had long since set in. Butterfly were typical )although more explosively popular) of the run-of-the-mill West Coast heavy groups, and they were always on the decline from their 1968 peak; their pulling power dropping at an alarming rate.
After a farewell American tour they dissolved in May 1971.
However, after relatively unsuccessful alternative careers, Bushy and Braunn reunited to form a second incarnation of Iron Butterfly in 1974 with Phil Kramer (bass) and Howard Reitzes (kybds). They cut Scorching Beauty (1975), then Bill DeMartines replaced Reitzes [extract from The Illustrated New Musical Express Encyclopedia Of Rock, Salamander. 1977 p114-5].
Both Doorman and Larry Reinhardt went on to form the highly successful and legendary 'Captain Beyond' in 1972 (see previous posts).
Heavy (Atco/Atlantic)
In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida (Atco/Atlantic)
Ball (Atco/Atlantic) Iron Butterfly Live (Atco/Atlantic)
Metamorphosis (Atco/Atlantic)
Scorching Beauty (MCA)
Sun And Steel (MCA)
Compilation: Best Of The Iron Butterfly (Atco)
This bootleg has also been released under the name of 'Butterfly Blues 71' . The post consists of mp3 (320kps) rip (sourced from Soundboard blog with thanks) along with artwork for both 'Live In Sweden' (above) and 'Butterfly Blues' (below) - you decide which artwork is best.
I really like this bootleg - it's an amazing recording for its time and features one of the best performances of " In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida" I've heard.

Track Listing:
01. Butterfly Bleu (23:12)
02. In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida (24:29)

Band members:
Doug Ingle - keyboards, lead vocals
Ron Bushy - drums
Lee Dorman - bass
Larry "El Rhino" Reinhart - guitar
Mike Pinera - guitar

Iron Butterfly Link (107Mb)  New Link 06/11/2017

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  1. Iron Butterfly's Metamorphosis was the second LP I bought as a 16 year old novice record collector, so I have a great affection for this lineup of this band.
    Thanks for sharing this.