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Mississippi - EP (1974)

(Australian 1972-75)
Mississippi was an Australian band (1972–1975), which featured some big names in Australian rock music, Graeham Goble, Beeb Birtles and Kerryn Tolhurst. The band started as Allison Gros in Adelaide, South Australia in 1970 and moved to Melbourne in 1971 where they recorded as Allison Gros, Drummond and in 1972 became Mississippi; this band eventually evolved into Little River Band by 1975.
The band released a self-titled debut LP (AUS chart position #21), which featured the single "Kings of the World" (AUS chart position #7, 1972) on the Bootleg label, a label that had been recently set up by Brian Cadd [extract from Wikipedia]
(Note that the Bootleg label was an Australian Independent label - a subsidiary of Fable Records - and not a Bootleg label associated with Unauthorised Recordings)
After releasing four relatively successful singles over a three year period, the bootleg label decided to release an EP which was a collection of all four A-Sides. The EP was released in August, 1974 and was selftitled Mississippi (although the Milesago website refers to it under the title "Will I")
The rip posted here was taken from my near mint vinyl at 320kps and includes full artwork along with record label scans.
Track Listing
A1 - Will I
A2 - Mr. Moondog
B1 - Kings Of The World
B2 - Early Morning

Band Members:
Beeb Birtles (vocals, guitar) 1972-75

Colin Deluca (bass) 1972-73

Graeham Goble (vocals, guitar) 1973-75

Russ Johnson (vocals, guitar) 1972-73

Peter Martin (guitar) 1973-75

John Mower (vocals) 1972-73

Derek Pellici (drums) 1973-75

Andre Santos (bass, vocals) 1973

Kerryn Tolhurst (vocals, guitar) 1973

Harvey James (guitar) 1973-74
Charlie Tumahai (bass, vocals) 1973-75

Ted Van Zyl (drums) (session) 1972

Mississippi EP (31Mb) REPOST

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