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David Cassidy - Rock Me Baby (1972)

(U.S 1969 - 2017)
Best known for his role as teen idol Keith Partridge in the hit 1970s musical sitcom "The Partridge Family," David Cassidy's career spanned over six decades until his passing on Nov. 21, 2017. Cassidy led a successful career in music and acting following the conclusion of "The Partridge Family" in 1974, appearing in nearly two dozen more television shows and films while releasing 14 studio albums between 1972 and 2008.

David Cassidy’s incredible October 1972 Bob Hope Special appearance (see below) actually occurred during the very heart of The Partridge Family Era, which didn’t end until the show was cancelled in the summer of 1974, following the release of 'Bulletin Board', the 9th and final original Partridge Family album release.

David’s formal solo career began in earnest in 1972, with DC "solo" works being released concurrently right alongside Partridge Family albums from thenceforth. The touring was all done under David’s name of course, since "The Wrecking Crew" (the famous LA session musicians who backed virtually every recording by Phil Spector, The Beach Boys, Simon & Garfunkel, The 5th Dimension, et many al.) were also The Partridge Family backing band.

It would have cost each of them a fortune to forego even a few weeks of their constant and lucrative studio work, so from 1972-74 David hit the stadiums with a hired band and a prayer, mostly on weekends, after full slates of taping the show each week! It burned him out pretty hideously by the time the show wound up its run and he then retired from live performance for many years.

David's illustrious career was cut short due to mounting health issues, but Cassidy lives on in the hearts of television and music lovers across the globe.

Rock Me Baby
One of several Top 20 hits for Cassidy throughout his career, "Rock Me Baby" was the title track from his 1972 sophomore album. While it didn't receive as much recognition as "How Can I Be Sure," the single is considered one of the singer's most well-known songs. It was also recorded by British pop group Brotherhood of Man, but was given exclusively to Cassidy once it began charting.

"Rock Me Baby" launched a heavier sounding Cassidy on to the world market with great success.  The title track is a great rockin' number.  Published critics have even gone as far to say that had the song had anyone's name on the recording other than Cassidy's, it woule be regarded as one of THE rock songs of the early 70s.

This album showcased slick production and musicianship and gave Cassidy more feature space in terms of song writing and playing.  Cassidy wrote "Two Time Loser" and co-wrote "Some Kind Of A Summer" and "Song For A Rainy Day".  David's writing partners of the time were Dave Ellingson and wife Kim Carnes - who later went on to great pop fame in her own right.

This album spawned the hit title track and David's first UK #1 - his definitive recording of "How Can I Be Sure". The album itself hit #41 in the US and #2 in Britain. [Review by Pinupip, 2007]

It is interesting to note that fellow singer Johnny Farnham also released "Rock Me Baby" in 1972, and reached #4 on the Australian Charts.

This post consists of MP3 (320kps) ripped from my crispy new vinyl which I picked up at my local OP Shop some years ago. What caught my attention with this album was the name 'Larry Carlton' appearing in amongst the credits (playing guitar) and upon closer inspection, other big named artists such as Tom Scott (woodwind) and Kim Carnes (vocals). Another attraction was David's cover of the Moody Blue's hit "Go Now" which he does extremely well IMHO.

As per usual, full album artwork and label scans are included, but no bonus tracks this time, I'm afraid.
Track Listing
01 - Rock Me Baby 3:25
02 - Lonely Too Long 3:19
03 - Two Time Loser 3:15
04 - Warm My Soul 2:54
05 - Some Kind of Summer 3:37
06 - (Oh No) No Way 2:35
07 - Song for a Rainy Day 4:01
08 - Soft as a Summer Shower 3:20
09 - Go Now 3:05
10 - How Can I Be Sure 3:06
11 - Song of Love 3:34



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