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Split Enz - Dizrythmia (1977) + Bonus Tracks

(New Zealand 1972 - 84)
The band was formed in October, 1972 as a result of Tim and Philip's association. Apparently they had become friendly at university and after a while began flatting together and writing songs. As their partnership developed they felt that they needed an outlet for their compositions and decided to form a group. They approached Myles Golding who had had classical music training and then came Mike Howard (reeds) and Jonathan who completed their original five piece line-up.

Initially they played a small quantity of gigs and recorded an unsuccessful single. Then Myles left the band and two new members joined the ranks — Noel Crombie and Wally Wilkinson
They continued writing and playing over the next eighteen months and during 1974 Emlyn and Edward moved into the group whilst Mike had since moved out. Thus, the line-up that went on to record their 'Mental Notes' was now complete. By now their following in New Zealand was small, but very strong, although progress there seemed to be limited. So they decided to move to Australia.

Their initial response from Aussie audiences was not good, because at that time their music was too progressive for the average pop enthusiast. The band's saving grace was being spotted by Michael Gudinski who recognised their potential and signed them to the Mushroom organisation.

In May and June, 1975 they recorded their Mental Notes album in Sydney and it went on to become a best seller during September of that year. Meanwhile, Wally left the group and his position was taken by another New Zealander, Robert Gillies, who played saxophone.

They returned briefly to New Zealand before embarking on their Enz Of The Earth national Australian tour which was completed in February, 1976.
A single, "Late Last Night" was released in March '76 and the band set off for London where they signed with Chrysalis Records for their overseas releases. At the Basing Street Studios in London they recorded their next album entitled Second Thoughts which was released in Australia in July '76.

In November Emlyn left the band (apparently because of music and personality differences) and he was replaced by Malcolm Green.
The boys kicked off 1977 with a new single called "Another Great Divide" which coincided with their Australian tour billed as Courting The Act. At the end of February they set off for the US where they embarked on a 23 day/40 show tour.
In April they returned to the UK where they began their third English tour. That same month guitarist Phil Judd left the group and he was replaced by Tim's brother Neil Finn, who, although inexperienced, adapted to their style quickly.

For the band's next album they chose to record at London's Air Studios. The recording spanned June and July of 1977, but was preceded by Jonathan Chunn's resignation from the group and his subsequent replacement by English bassist, Nigel Griggs.
They returned to Australia in August (coinciding with the release of their new 'Dizrythmia' album) and throughout October and November they completed a 28 date tour. Incidentally, the album title came from the medical term for jet-lag Circadia Disrythmia (meaning upset body rhythm).

Their hectic schedule took them back to the UK in October for another tour there and in the meantime they had their first hit on the Australian singles charts with 'My Mistake'. It was followed by 'Bold As Brass' (December '77) and at the turn of the year Robert Gillies left. He was replaced by Phil Judd who rejoined giving them a two guitar sound, although leaving them minus a sax player.
[extract from Australian Encyclopedia of Rock, Noel McGrath, Outback Press. 1978, p300-302]

Single: 1/10/77        MY MISTAKE No.18         11 weeks   
Albums: 29/10/77    DIZRYTHMIA No.18         1 week
This post contains both FLAC and MP3's (320kps) ripped from my frequently played but crystal clear vinyl and comes with artwork for both vinyl and CD. This album showcases one of my favourite 'Enz' tracks entitled "Charley" which has one of the coolest laid back tunes and vocals released by the Finn brothers. Also included as bonus tracks is their 1976 single "The Great Divide" which was released just before they recorded this album, and a live version of "Charley" recorded during their 20th Anniversary Tour in 1992.

01 - Bold As Brass
02 - My Mistake
03 - Parrot Fashion Love
04 - Sugar And Spice
05 - Without A Doubt
06 - Crosswords
07 - Charley
08 - Nice To Know
09 - Jamboree
10 - Another Great Divide (Bonus A-Side Single)
11 - Charley (Recorded Live on their 20th Anniversary Tour)

Timothy Finn (Vocals, Piano)
Neil Finn (Guitar, Mandolin, Vocals)
Nigel Griggs (Bass)
Robert Gillies (Saxophones, Trumpets)
Edward Raynor (Keyboards)
Malcolm Green (Drums)

Split Enz FLAC Link (310Mb)  New Link 06/09/2018

Split Enz MP3 Link (117Mb)

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