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Mother Goose - Live in Dunedin, NZ (2007) Bootleg

(New Zealand 1975 - 1984)
Mother Goose were a theatrical rock group that formed in Dunedin in 1975. They were renowned for their whacky costumes and stage routines. In 1976, they relocated to Auckland and then Australia. In 1982 Steve Young received the APRA Silver Scroll award for the song "I Can't Sing Very Well".

Now, sing along if you remember this one: "Baked beans, oh baked beans, baked beans, oh baked beans".

In 1977 Mother Goose were slurping them up by the bucketful as the strangely dressed Dunedin band hit a stellar patch in their career with their joyous ode to Heinz' saucy super food.

Mother Goose might have looked kinda funny and not taken themselves terribly seriously, but the six southern men were hot musos and their live show ruled.

Based in Australia when they released the jolly piss-taking single Baked Beans, fledgling Aussie bands like Cold Chisel, the Angels, Men At Work and Midnight Oil clamoured to support them. A year later, Mother Goose were living the rock 'n' roll dream in Hollywood, wowing crowds with their high-octane live show and funny theatrics.

They were loved by audiences and critics alike, but their frenetic live show didn't translate into album sales. Global superstardom eluded them, as it does so many deserving acts, and Mother Goose split in 1984.

For a full biography of the band you can see my earlier post for their Stuffed Album or you can jump across to the Dunedinmusic website.

Mother Goose 30th Reunion
(Mother Goose live at the Regent Theatre, Dunedin, New Zealand March 23, 2007)

Marcel Rodeka writes on his website:
And this our one-off reunion show in Dunedin in 2007, after 25 years of not playing together. This is the original Dunedin lineup to celebrate Dunedin's Festival of the Arts. Of course we were also fortunate to have had Justin McCarthy on guitar for three years and Neil Shilkin on keys for over two years, both outstanding musicians and writers and every much part of Mother Goose and its history as the rest of us. This concert featured our long time live sound engineer, the legendary Pixie Michael who was also part of our long history and who changed and influenced our live sound immeasurably the day he came on board. It was great to have Pixie again out front for the Oxo Cubans Mayfair Theatre show in September.

This post consists of a single MP3 (256kps) ripped from a video DVD that I recently acquired at my local flee market (what a find folks).  I am also including a MP4 rip of the concert as a separate link and is well worth watching.  The concert goes for just under 1 hour and is brilliant.  Thanks to Marcel Rodeka for the concert photos.  Having seen these guys perform on numerous occasions back in 1977, this concert brought back a flood of wonderful memories that I treasure immensely. Their stage act was nothing like I'd seen before, and to this day remains the best I've ever seen.
So, sit ya self down and crack open a can of baked beans and once again revisit the wacky the world of Mother GOOSE!
Track Listing 
01 - Lawnmower Symphony
02 - Silent Movie
03 - Spuds Are Up
04 - Land Ho!
05 - Somebody Broke My Heart
06 - 8 Miles High (with Drum Solo)
07 - Paint It Black
08 - This Is The Life
09 - Once Upon A Time
10 - Baked Beans 07
11 - Sound of Music (encore)
12 - I Can't Sing Very Well

The Band
Craig Johnston (Vocals) 
Marcel Rodeka (Drums) 
Pete Dickson (Lead Guitar) 
Kevin Collings (Rhythm Guitar) 
Steve Young (Keyboards) 
Denis Gibbins (Bass Guitar) 
and later 
Justin McCarthy (Lead Guitar) 
Neil Shilkin (Rhythm Guitar)
Mother Goose MP3 Link (109Mb)
Mother Goose MP4 Video Link (678Mb)


  1. great stuff,saw them at the waltzing matilda what a grouse show.many thaks

  2. Thanks - look forward to watching this!