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Various Artists - Australian Memories (1975)

(Australian 1964 - 1975)
Ron Tudor's Fable Records was the most successful Australian independent recording company of the early 1970s. It was also one of the most productive 'indie' labels of the period, issuing over 300 singles and dozens of EPs and LPs. Fable released a wide variety of music from rock groups to mainstream vocalists; its catalogue also included Christian gospel music by singing group The Proclaimers, comedy recordings by Frankie Davidson, and novelty items like Drummond's 'chipmunk' version of "Daddy Cool" and the quaint piano version of The Mixtures "In The Summertime." Fable was officially launched in April 1970 with a batch of five singles (all by Australian artists) and the success it enjoyed over its first nine months was nothing short of spectacular, seven of its first twelve singles made the national Top 40, and of the forty-one singles Fable released between April and December 1970, seventeen became hits, including two national #1s by The Mixtures "In The Summertime" and "The Pushbike Song" and four other Top 10 hits by Hans Poulsen, Liv Maessen, Jigsaw and John Williamson. Fable won many industry awards during its fifteen year life. [extract from Milesago]

Fable Records has of course been at the forefront of giving unknown Australian talent the chance to be heard and to extend their talents. Brian Cadd and various members of Little River Band had their humble beginnings here.
Some of the songs on this album like "Day By Day", "I Thank You" and "Marshall's Portable Music Machine" were big chart successes. Others tended to consolidate the careers of the artists who sang them.
But all the songs listed here are important. They're all part of Australian popular musical heritage, an aspect that will become more acknowledged not only by Australian music fans but by those overseas opening their eyes to the golden treasures 'down under'. But these songs are not just part of history. They are evergreen songs that you can play again and again, smile at the memories they bring back for you, and marvel at how fresh they still sound today. [Taken from Album Linear Notes]
Ripped from vinyl in both FLAC and MP3 (320kps) format, this all Australian Artist compilation covers more than 10 years of hits from artists who either recorded for Fable Records at some stage in the career or it's parent label Festival. Some real favourites here for you to enjoy folks.
Track Listing 
01 - A World Of Our Own (The Seekers) - 1965
02 - All My Loving (Johnny Young) - 1967
03 - Smiley (Ronnie Burns) - 1969
04 - Midnight Bus (Betty McQuade) - 1965
05 - Let's Build A Love Together (Johnny Chester) - 1973
06 - Over The Rainbow (Sally Boyden) - 1975
07 - Santa Never Made It Into Darwin (Bill & Boyd) - 1975
08 - The Little White Cloud That Cried (Jamie Redfern) - 1971
09 - Marshall's Portable Music Machine (Robin Jolley) - 1972
10 - Light Up The World (Jigsaw) - 1974
11 - Love Is A Golden Ring (Ernie Sigley) - 1974
12 - Denim And Lace (Marty Rhone) - 1975
13 - Minnie The Moocher (The Cherokees) - 1967
14 - Day By Day (Colleen Hewett) - 1971
15 - I Belong With You (Bobby & Laurie) - 1964
16 - The Star (Ross D Wyllie) - 1969
17 - All Kinds Of Everything (Pat Carroll) - 1970
18 - I Thank You (Lionel Rose) - 1969

Australian Memories FLAC Link (315Mb)
Australian Memories MP3 Link (129Mb)

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