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The Stockings - Red Tango (1981) + Bonus Track

(Australian 1979 - '82)
Hailing from Australia's left coast, this Perth combo indulged in driving, albeit straitlaced power pop/wave without resorting to any obvious gimmicks, not unlike contemporary country-mates the Serious Young Insects.
This Perth New wave band started life in Early '79 as "Rip Torn & The Stockings". Rip Torn being singer Bernie Lynch who left in 1980 to form "Living Single" who then became Eurogliders.

"Street Talking" was on their 1979 debut 12" EP release on the Sweetcorn label, as well as a self-titled 12" EP on Rough Diamond the following year. Not sure if they're the same recording but this would be from the latter record. The band is possibly best known for featuring Bernie Lynch on lead vocals and writing credits for the first couple of years. The rhythm guitarist (Frank - not his real name) went on to play in the Chantoozies. Bernie Lynch wrote "Street Talking" and the Eurogliders used to perform it in their live sets back in the early days in Perth. Their drummer at the time was John Bennetts, who also ended up in the Eurogliders.

In Grace Knight's book 'Pink Suit for a Blue Day", she talks about meeting Bernie Lynch at a BBQ, where they hit off immediately. "He was absolutely charming, obviously well educated, well brought up and with a nose that stopped passers by....he was in a band called Rip Torn and the Stockings. In Perth back then it was very difficult to get gigs unless you performed covers of popular tunes, the audiences preferred to hear
music they knew, and so The Stockings would perform songs by Ian Dury and the Blockheads and Graeme Parker, along with some of Bernie's songs.[Chapter 5, New Holland Publishers, 2010] 

Members of The Stockings went on to form The Eurogliders, who had a string of power pop hits in the 80s and 90s, one of Perth’s biggest exports. The Stockings are much more in the tradition of down beat Australian pub rock, Australian Crawl, Mondo Rock and similar acts.

In 1981, The Stockings (now dropping Rip Torn from their name) released their debut album, Red Tango. The title track, which opens this thing up, is less than substantive, but once it passes, Red Tango is predominantly if not completely good news.
In addition to the aforementioned "(She's a) Devil," "Good Luck,""Boy Girl," and "Limbo" persuade me just as much.
(She's A ) Devil Single
I'm detecting negligible traces of XTC and Joe Jackson among others, but you might think differently.  An EP and some singles surrounded Red Tango, but it appears the album's track list overlaps heavily with no non-album B-Sides.
Note that James Black (from another Perth band - Rum Jungle) played keyboards on the album, while Wilbur Wilde (from OL'55) features on Sax.  David Briggs (Little River Band) also produced this debut album.
The group eventually disbanded in 1982 with band members finding musical interests elsewhere. 

Limbo EP
The Stocking Recordings
Stockings EP (5 track 12") - Dada Records MX 191725 (1980) with Bernie Lynch
She's A Devil / Tiny Voices 7" - The Stockings ( Astor Aust 1980 ) with Bernie Lynch
Good Luck / Make You Cry 7"- Rough Diamond RDS 3502 (1981)
Red Tango LP - Rough Diamond RDL 8801 (1981)
Limbo / Boy Girls 7" - Rough Diamond RDS 3508 (1982)
Limbo EP (5 track 12") - Rough Diamond RDM 8803 (1982)
This post consists of FLACs and MP3's (320kps) ripped from an almost mint copy of this rare early 80's album. Also included is full album artwork along with label scans, plus a bonus track "Street Talking" which was ripped from a Countdown performance(also included). If anyone has their first 12" EP and would love to hear from you, as I would love to be able to post this ultra rare EP as well (see pictured below). 
UPDATE: Thanks to the generosity of the blog follower 'Amacau' I am now able to make The Stockings hard to find, debut 12' E.P available for everyone. Thanks for the share mate.
Track Listing
01 - Red Tango
02 - Limbo
03 - This Girl That Girl
04 - Make You Cry
05 - Mercy Man
06 - Good Luck
07 - Boy Girls
08 - Tiny Voices
09 - Relief
10 - (She's A) Devil
11 - On My Knees
12- Street Talking (Bonus 12inch Single)

Band Members (1981):
Pierre Corsage AKA Frank Lee (Rythmn guitar, vocals)
Bob "Boris" Garter AKA Bob Fallovic (Lead guitar, vocals)
Lon Gerae (Bass, vocals)
John Johnson AKA Fred A'Snare AKA John Bennetts (Drums)
The Stockings FLACs (266Mb)
The Stockings MP3's (121Mb)

The Stockings 12' E.P  FLACs ( 118Mb)


  1. hello
    Very good one
    of course not at the level of The Saints on their Out In The Jungle or
    Prodigal Son era (two of my all times favorites)
    reminds me of The Reds or some Cardiacs things , and a little bit of Fischer Z too.
    enjoyed it a lot and thank you for this post (relayed by Cun Cun Revival, thank's zen and drago)

  2. Hi there,
    Here's my vinyl rip in FLAC plus artwork. I'm sure you can do the Mp3 files. :-)

    1. Awesome! Thanks so much for making this E.P available Amacau - can't wait to listen to it. I intend to post this along with Red Tango - I hope you don't mind ? Full credit to your good-self of course. Please advise :-)

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