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Kevin Borich - Lonely One (1977) + Bonus Tracks

(New Zealand/Australian 1969-Present)
With a professional career spanning more than 40 years, Kevin Borich has done it all.
Beginning with the La-De-Das's in New Zealand, writing the classic hit `Gonna See My Baby Tonight’, to his Kevin Borich Express and he Party Boys, Kevin has performed at some of the biggest Rock events Australia has seen.

Sunbury and the Rockarenas in the 70’s with 60,000 people, featuring Fleetwood Mac, Santana (with whom he was invited onstage to play with Carlos) and The Little River Band. Two New Years Eve celebrations at the Sydney Opera House with 70,000 people, telecast live, nationally and internationally to Japan, at that time, a first! Numerous support shows for international acts, Elton John, Status Quo, Jeff Beck and Buddy Guy to name a few.

From your local to the big events, Kevin has carved out a revered reputation in the Australian Music Industry, performing his music with a youthful exuberance – giving extra meaning to the word Longevity.
Kevin has played and recorded with artists such as Renee’ Geyer `Blues License’ – Dutch Tilders `The Blues Had a Baby ‘- Richard Clapton `Prussian Blue’, Joe Walsh and The Party Boys, of which Kevin was a founding member.

Jammed with Carlos Santana on two of his tours, also with Bo Didley, Richie Blackmore (Deep Purple), Ron Wood (Rolling Stones), John Mayall, Taj Mahal, Living Colour.
Overseas tours and tours with Jimmy Barnes, Renee’ Geyer and Mark Hunter, have added spice to his career.

Kevin is well known for his high energy electric guitar style. At the Gimme Ted Benefit Concert for Ted Mulry, Kevin’s performance was hailed throughout the music industry as world class. A Borich show leaves his audience pleading for more, as seen at the Eastcoast Roots & Blues Music Festival Byron Bay, Thredbo Blues Festival and dozens more.

Kevin starred in the hugely successful 18 ‘Sold Out’ Australia wide ‘Long Way To The Top’ 2002 arena concerts. 2003 and Kevin, alongside Tony Joe White, John Mayall and Ray Charles (in that order) performed the Melbourne International Music & Blues Festival. In recognition of Kevin’s contribution to Australian music and blues culture he was inducted into the Australian Blues Foundation Hall of Fame. 2004 saw more gigs, more touring, more festivals and a new CD – Nomad.

Kevin Borich Plays Rockarena in 1977
Kevin included a 1930’s National Steel acoustic guitar in his show. This “laid-back” acoustic style was a very well received addition to Kevin’s performance on a selection of electric guitars, including his Fender Stratocaster and Gibson Firebird slide guitar.

Kevin continues to tour with his Express, playing material from his extensive catalogue. Some of which was re-released on CD by Festival (Kevin Borich – Collection) and EMI (Kevin Borich – Goin Down Town, a double pack of the Kevin Borich Express first two albums, `Celebration’ and `Lonely One’, now sadly out of print).

Due to popular demand, Kevin has independently produced and released his CDs:
- `Live at the Big Kahuna’ – a blues-based double live CD which shows Kevin’s versatile guitar style.
- ’Heart Starter’ – strong powerful and sensitive playing from guys who have tons of cred, Harry Brus (bass) and John Annas (drums) and on 2 tracks Kevin’s son Lucius Borich (drums).
- ‘Nomad’ – a mighty experience of the combined musical talents of Kevin and his son Lucius Borich (drums and bass) and Mark Kennedy (drums and percussion) and Harry Brus (bass). [extract from sindynurpratami.blogspot]

Kevin Borich Jams With Carlos Santana
Kevin Borich is finally getting some of the breaks he deserves. He has always been acknowledged for his guitar playing. In Australia, over the past year, no poll has been held without awarding Kevin the place of top Australian guitarist. In the last 'Ram' poll, Kevin and his drummer John Annis, won top positions in their respective categories with votes totally more than double their nearest competitor.

The 'Kevin Borich Express' was also one of the two Australian bands (Little River Band being the other) who were asked to play on 'Rockarena' this year with Santana and Fleetwood Mac. Apart from the obvious benefit of playing at the largest concerts Australia has seen for a long time, there was the bonus for Kevin and John of playing on the same stage as Carlos Santana whose music had inspired them both for a long time. Little did they both realise that they would be playing on the same stage 'at the same time' as Santana. During Santana's encore of "Evil Ways" Carlos gestured to Kevin and John to join them on stage for a jam. John played timbalis and Kevin played one of Carlos' spare Gibson guitars through a Boogie amplifier. Kevin was struck by the power Carlos exuded on stage. Carlos was very content and in control, ruling the band by his unspoken commands.

Kevin commented later, "It was an honour for me that he liked my playing enough to invite me on the stage". It was also rewarding for Kevin to have his playing and musical direction affirmed, for in spite of the rave reviews that have greeted the release of his two albums "Celebration" and "Lonely One" radio have not been very generous in their allocation of airwave time to Kevin's records. Kevin's first album is nearly gold (sales of 20,000) and the latest release "Lonely One" is selling steadily. But without radio support a record cannot expect large sales. 2SM have recently been playing "Tell Me Why" and in response to this possibly good omen Astor have rushed released the track as the follow up single to "Tango Queen".

Bill Graham (manager of Santana and promoter of such famed venues as the Fillmore, Winterland and A Day On The Green) was very impressed with the Kevin Borich Express and offered them work at his venues when they go to the States. Michael Chugg (KBE Manager) is currently in America looking at venues and record companies with an eye to touring there later in'78.  [by Keith Jennings, JAMM Magazine, Feb 1978, p9]
This post proudly presents FLACs and MP3's (320kps) freshly ripped from my almost 40year old vinyl. Full album artwork and label scans are included along with a scan of the JAMM  feature article on Kevin.
This album was a fantastic follow up to his debut album 'Celebration' which I posted on this blog some time ago. Along with the title track "Lonely One", my favourite tracks on this album are "Need Your Love", "Good To See Ya" and "White Ship".  Interesting to see Renee Geyer singing background vocals. This is another album that must be played with the volume cranked up and the windows wide open (in case they shatter). Enjoy
01 -  Need Your Love    
02 -  Tell Me Why    
03 -   Lonely One    
04  -  Six Million Dollar Role    
05  -  White Ship    
06  -  Tango Queen    
07  -  Good To See You    
08  -  By The Light    
09  -  Rescue Dream    
10  -  Acropolis
11  -  The End Of Me (Bonus First Release)
12  -  Lonely One (Bonus Live At The Forth Valley Blues Festival, Tasmania 2013)

Kevin Borich - Guitar, Vocals
John Annas - drums, vocals
Tim Partridge - bass
Larry 'Light Fingers' Duryea - Congas
Tony Buchanan - flute, sax
Ian Bloxom - percussion
Bruce McLean - steel drums
Cahoots, Renee Geyer, Sheryl Black - backing vocals

Kevin Borich MP3 Link (113Mb)
Kevin Borich FLAC Link (298Mb)


  1. AussieRock,
    WOW just stumbled on to your blog.
    What a fantastic amount of info.
    I did not think there was anyone left alive that remembered Kevin Borich.
    Keep up the great work. Will now be checking in regularly.
    nick - sydney

    1. Hey Nick - thanks for dropping by. Glad I've been able to rekindle your obvious passion for great Aussie axemen. I saw Borich play on many occasions at La Trobe University in 1977 and was gob smached by his guitar talent and brilliant song writing. Have followed him ever since and seen him play at Bombay Rock in Brunswick, The Palais in St Kilda and Melb Uni to name but a few. If you like Borich's style, then have a listen to Robin Trower's first three albums - you won't be disappointed.
      Plenty more like this to come, so stay tuned. Cheers AR

    2. AussieRock
      I will definitely listen to Robin Trower after I get my fill of Kevin.
      Thank you once again.
      Nick Sydney

  2. Got curious after I read the comments and it sure is a great record. Reminds me more Nitzinger then Robin. Sometimes even the voice is similar. Thanks for let us know what was unknown so far. But back in those days it was hard to get anything from the other side of the world. Thanks and keep on.