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Rick Springfield - Living In Oz (1983) plus Bonus Live Tracks

(Australian 1962 - Present)
Rick Springfield has certainly come a long way from Richard Lewis Springthorpe, born in the Sydney suburb of Guilford on August 23, 1949
and educated at Merrylands High School. Now at a very youthful 34 years of age, he is the most popular male pop performer in America.
In an age when the traditional 'teenage idol' is very much a thing of the past, Rick has managed to cultivate an awesome predominantly-female following who view him in much the same light as the girls of the fifties did Elvis. Actor, singer, songwriter, live hard rocker, pin-up poster hero — Rick covers all bases with style and real talent.
Rick began playing rock'n'roll music when he was 14 and within a few years had through such long-forgotten bands as Moppa Blues, X-Group, Daniel James Ensemble, Jordy Boys, Pete Watson's Rockhouse and a later formation of MPO Ltd. His recording career began with a Brisbane group called Wikedy Wak; he sang lead on the single Billie's Bikie Boys — produced by Molly Meldrum and written by Johnny Young.
Rick Springfield Promo Poster 1972
In 1969, Rick joined the Zoot, replacing guitarist Roger Hicks. He immediately turned the band from bubblegum to tough rock and they scored a gold single with "Eleanor Rigby". Other members of the band included Beeb Birtles (now with LRB) and spunky Darryl Cotton.
When ambitious Rick had represented Australia at the 1972 Tokyo Song Festival he decided to try his luck in America and by September of that year had cracked the U.S. top twenty with "Speak To The Sky". His album Beginnings sold over 300,000 copies.
Over the next decade Rick worked hard in America, making more albums (Comic Book Heroes, Wait For Night), scoring three more moderate hits, undertaking acting roles in television shows, and writing songs. His return to rock prominence came when he landed the role of Dr Noah Drake in the soap opera General Hospital. The show shot to-number one and when Rick put out a new single it did exactly the same thing!
"Jessie's Girl" became one of the biggest hits of 1981, winning Rick a Grammy for Best Rock Performance. When Rick showed up at the glittering event to collect his prize he insisted on performing the song red hot rockin live.

After Jessie's Girl came the hits "I've Done Everything For You" and "Don't Talk To Strangers"; as well as the albums 'Working Class Dog' and 'Success Hasn't Spoiled Me Yet'. When he scheduled a concert at New York's famed Carnegie Hall every ticket was swept up in just three hours! In the words of the New York Post, "Rick Springfield has fashioned a role for himself that Is winning all the way",
Rick is in the studio right now working on a brand new album, to be titled 'Living In Oz'. This time he's working with producer Bill Drescher, rather Keith Dfsen who has been responsible for all his recent hits. The "new sound" will be interesting to hear, Rick has also wrapped up an appearance, in a new film called Travelling Light, directed by Ray Stark.
Rick's only problem at the moment is that people keep confusing his name with that of Bruce Springsteen. In fact, he recorded a funny song about the dilemma, called Bruce. It has only ever appeared on the Australian release of the Working Class Dog album. [Feature article from Countdown Magazine - Vol.1 No.9 March, 1983]
This post consists of FLACs and MP3's (320kps) ripped from my vinyl which I bought in the 80's, following the huge success with "Jessie's Girl" and his 'Working Class Dog' LP.  "Affair of the Heart" was a top 10 single at the time and everything that Rick touched seemed to turn to gold.  Full album artwork and label scans are also included as usual. To add cream to the cake, I'm also including four live bonus tracks that I ripped from YouTube clips.
Track Listing
01 - Human Touch
02 - Alyson
03 - Affair Of The Heart
04 - Living In Oz
05 - Me & Johnny
06 - Motel Eyes
07 - Tiger By The Tail
08 - Souls
09 - I Can't Stop Hurting You
10 - Like Father, Like Son
Bonus Tracks
11 - Gloria (Live)
12 - Alyson (live)
13 - Affair Of The Heart (Live)
14 - Living In Oz (Live)

Band Members:
Lead Vocals - Rick Springfield
Guitars - Rick Springfield, Tim Pearce
Drums - Mike Baird
Bass - Rick Springfield, Mike Seifrit & Denis Belfield
Keyboards - Mitchell Froom, Alan Pasqua, John Philip Shenale, Brett Tugle & Gabriel Katona
Percussion - Michael Fisher
Electric Drums - Jack White
Saxophone - Richard Elliot
Background Vocals - Rick Springfield, Tom Kelly & Richard Page

Rick Springfield FLACs  (379Mb)  New Link 29/01/2017
Rick Springfield MP3's (133Mb)


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