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Christie Allen - Magic Rhythm (1979) + Bonus Tracks

(Australian 1962–1998)
Born in 1954, Christie Allen was discovered by Mushroom Records while performing with her brothers in Perth in the late 1970s. she came to the attention of songwriter and record producer Terry Britten. Britten, a former member of The Twilights who would go on to a hugely successful song writing career, was impressed by Allen's vocal ability and bubbly personality. He began working with Christie and a recording contract with Michael Gudinski’s independent record label Mushroom Records resulted.

Mushroom Records made sure that their new pop artist got plenty of national radio support and television screen time on national iconic music television program; Countdown.

Christie Allen gave Countdown something it had been lacking - a local female artist to appeal to the teeny boppers. It is sometimes not appreciated just how successful Christie was. The first female artist to sign up to Mushroom Records since Renee Geyer, she released the single "Falling In Love" (April 79) which went top 20. Then came "Goosebumps" which went to number 3 nationally and was to that point Mushroom Records’ biggest-ever selling single. "He’s My Number One" (January 1980) outdid it and was the biggest-selling Mushroom single of all time until Split Enz ‘I Got You’ knocked it off three months later. Even as late as 1997, "He’s My Number One" was Mushroom Records 7th highest selling single with over 75,000 sales. Allen’s first album ‘Magic Rhythm’ went Gold. Christie was awarded the Most Popular Female Artist at the Countdown Music Awards in 1979 and in 1980’ - Dave Warner - 25 Years Of Mushroom Records

Also in 1979 and 1980, Allen was voted the country's most popular female performer at the Countdown Awards.

Christie went on to release another album ‘Detours’ and had a handful of singles in the early 1980s. A long illness prevented Allen from adequately promoting her career and forced her into subsequent retirement whilst she recovered. By the 1990s Christie had resurrected her singing career performing as a vocalist with country music bands.

1998 was a very happy year for Christie. In October, she married her partner Mark in October. Around the same time, Christie’s daughter Christa Lea heard an appeal on the Martin Molloy program on radio. Mushroom Records Michael Gudinski was trying to track down Christie to invite her to perform on the Mushroom Records 25th Anniversary concert. Christa Lea got in touch with them immediately and passed on Christie’s phone number. Michael Gudinski got straight on the phone and invited Christie to perform at the concert held on November 14th. Christie performed "Goosebumps" to a thrilled audience and a packed Melbourne Cricket Ground. Sadly this was to be the very last time Christie performed in public. She told her husband Mark that if the Mushroom 25th was to be her last public performance, what a huge high to go out on.

In 2006, Michael Gudinski asked Christie to participate in the Countdown Spectacular tour. Unfortunately, not being in the best of health at the time, Christie had to decline.

In March 2008, Christie was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer. She was very ill and lost a lot of weight, but still kept her inner strength. She knew that she was unlikely to recover and went to great lengths to ensure that her husband and family would be OK. Sadly, Christie passed away later that year, survived by husband Mark and her much loved daughter Christa Lea.
This post consists of both FLACs and MP3's (320kps) ripped from my BLUE vinyl and includes full album artwork. Also included are publicity shots of Christie (thanks to Greg Noakes) and a feature article published in Rolling Stone, Sept 1994 (see above).  I have also managed to source several B-Side singles which were not included on the album, and are included as Bonus Track.
Christie had an amazing voice, sounding a lot like Olivia Newton John and this album demonstrates what a talent she really was. I was sadden to hear that she is longer with us, but her music does live on and I still get Goosebumps when I listen to this album.
Track Listing
01 - Magic Rhythm
02 - All Australian Female
03 - Only Yes Will Do
04 - Goose Bumps
05 - Falling In Love Only With You *
06 - My Number One
07 - Count Me Out
08 - Fallin' In Luv
09 - You Know That I Love You *
10 - Ships That Pass Through The Night *
11 - Nashville Tennesee (Bonus B-Side Single)
12 - Under Lock And Key (Bonus B-Side Single) *


Musicians (UK Recordings):
Christie Allen - Vocals
Terry Britten - Guitar, Bass, Vocals

Billy Livesy - Keyboards
Graham Jarvis - Drums
Paul Westwood - Bass

Musicians (Aust. Recordings *):
Christie Allen - Vocals
Terry Britten - Guitar, Vocals
James Rigg, Geoff Skewes - Keyboards
Mike Clarke - Bass
Graham Morgan - Drums

Christie Allen FLACs (243Mb) New Link 15/10/2015
Christie Allen MP3's (94Mb)


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