Sunday, February 1, 2015

Jimi Hendrix - Diggin' In the Dust' 1969-70 (Bootleg)

(U.S 1967-70)
The price of success in the record business is often exploitation; and no artist can possibly ever have been exploited so recklessly and completely as Jimi Hendrix. When he died in 1970 he left behind a legacy of a handful of 'official' albums, prepared and passed by Hendrix himself. It is these recordings on which his reputation rests, although they have long since been dwarfed by the indiscriminate release of (literally) scores of tracks that were never intended for public consumption. With no performer around to object to their efforts, the owners of every tape on which Hendrix so much as blows his nose have thrown their wares into the marketplace, fundamentally altering the public's conception of the guitarist — and no doubt leading many to wonder why Hendrix was so highly rated in the first place.

There must be many collectors whose first Jimi Hendrix album was called "The Eternal Fire Of Jimi Hendrix", "Jimi Hendrix At His Best" or "The Genius Of Jimi Hendrix". Led to expect flashes of guitar genius, they have been disappointed to discover that their purchases contain poorly-recorded, often aimless jam sessions, many of which seem to have no connection with Jimi at all. But not all of these unofficial recordings are worthless.
The morality of unofficial recordings, like that of bootlegs, is obviously questionable. Musicians feel that they should have the final say over what is issued under their names, and the right to prevent their earliest meanderings on record from being reissued as soon as they strike it rich. On the other hand, record companies who have invested time and money in a young performer without any commercial reward understandably feel justified in making the most of their early generosity when their failure becomes someone else's success.
This post consists of MP3 (320kps) ripped from vinyl and includes full album artwork. This is an 11 track unofficial collection of scarce studio recordings and alternate mixes from 1969-1970 period - Isabella (single lead guitar), Message To Love (percussion mix), Crash Landing (two vocal tracks), Freedom (different version), Bleeding Heart (alternate mix), Dolly Dagger (different vocals & guitar), Power Of Love (first part without vocals), Isabella (jungle mix), Steppin' Stone (original "Band of Gypsies" mix), Easy Blues (edited original version), and Earth Blues (basic track).  It comes in professional quality psychedelic colour picture sleeve featuring flower and 3 inset colour picture bubbles of Jimi Hendrix.
Track Listing:
01. Izabella I      
02. Message to Love       
03. Crash Landing       
04. Freedom       
05. Bleeding Heart       
06. Dolly Digger       
07. Power of Soul       
08. Izabella II       
09. Stepping Stone       
10. Easy Blues       
11. Earth Blues 

Jimi Hendrix Link (102Mb)