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Lisa Bade - Suspicion (1982)

(Australian 1980 - 1986, 2002 - Present)
Lisa Bade is a rock and blues artist with Australian origin that has been known for her raw singing style that sometimes been compared to an artist as Janis Joplin. Lisa Bade started as backing singer for the artist Mark Gillespie who later produced her first single and contributed songs for this and for Lisa Bade's album Suspicion (1982). The album was recorded in USA with star musicians as Mick Ronson, Steve Lukather, Jeff Porcaro and Mike Porcaro. The New York recorded single "(That ain't) No way to treat a lady" failed despite this to make impact on the American charts. Lisa Bade was support act to Little River Band the same year. She has later been singer in bands as Wilbur Wilde's Blowout, The Mark Gillspie Band, Pink Cadillac and her own formed coverband Love Stars.
Lisa is member of the three piece rock and blues band Lisa Bade & Devils River Band from Mansfield, Victoria, where she is the vocalist. Among other artists she has been touring with are Australian Crawl and John Farnham.
Lisa was recently interviewed by Mornington Life Magazine in the Spring of 2011, in her house in Rye where she has lived with her husband and two children for more than 20 years. The following is a transcription of this interview:

Rock Star Among Us
 According to bass-player Joe Creighton. singer-songwriter Mark Gillespie knocked on his door and asked him if he'd come play on his soon to be recorded debut album 'Only Human'. A story that has not been chronicled is how peninsula resident and respected singer Lisa Bade found her way onto the same hallmark record, considered by some scribes to be one of the top 10 Aussie rock albums of all time. "My mum went to Mullumbimby to stay with a friend whose son owned The Music Farm recording studio. Mark was up there and she got to know him, she thought he was a funny character. I'd just got back from overseas, and mum said to Mark: 'You should get my daughter to sing on your album'." said Lisa from her home in Rye, where she lives with stonemason husband Billy Hastings."Mark contacted me, we hung out a bit at his flat in Brunswick, and I had a bit of a sing with his 'makeshift' band that already included Joe Creighton, Ross Hannaford and mark Meyer."

Her Husky voice, awash with pail-loads of emotion must have impressed everyone in the room. Lisa soon found herself invited to sing with the band.
"When it was time to record the album I caught the train up to Mullurnbimby and Mark met me at the station, I just did backup on one track (Suicide Sister) and we had a ball. We came back to Melbourne, did some gigs and then kept in touch'
A year later Lisa was again invited to contribute to Gillespie's second LP, 'Sweet Nothing',
Next thing, Lisa was recording two Gillespie songs for her first single. "Traveller in the Night"/"Stormy Bed"
"Someone in MM records heard it and liked ft and flew me to the States to do an album/
"We recorded Suspicion and we had so many demi-gods in the music business on board, (Mick Ronson, Steve Lukather, Watty Kacmei, Jeff and Mike Porcaro) that when it didn't take off, there was no budget for a second record"
"So I didn't get a second shot. I came home and toured Australia supporting Little River Band and gigged with my own band".
Lisa also got to support Bryan Adams and The Police, at their last ever gig' in 1984 at Melbourne Showgrounds where she learned up with Nikki Nicholls to sing backup for Aussie Crawl
'Yeah, we were hanging out with the guys from The Police - it was pretty amazing," Lisa fondly recalls
Through the 90's Lisa continued to perform occasional shows with Hannaford and Gillespie and continued her now close association with Nikki Nicholls in 'The Love Stars' "We mostly did covers and re-wrote the lyrics to songs, in a funny way"
Lisa also heaved her husky heart out with Wilbur Wilde's Blowout; a fine, condensed example of her form is visible via a rendition of Natural Woman easily seen on YouTube.
The clip is recorded at Coast 2827 in Blairgowrie where she currently gigs, every couple of weeks, sometimes with The Love Stars and sometimes with Sorrento-based muso Tony Byrne
"My daughter Billie-Jade has just turned 22 and she plays in a heavy-metal band called 'Hatchet Dawn'. I'm going to their Halloween gig - we have a lot of fun with all the make-up and costumes"
"I've got doing an album in mind, of stuff just for me, and my son Nicholas will probably play drums. When we jam, sometimes it's really nice stuff."
"If I've got a message to peddle, it's 'keep music live' because our kids love live music as well."
Mark Gillespie's Only Human and Sweet Nothing are available at

[from Mornington Life Spring 2011, Issue 14, p56-57 - Interview by Grattan Anderson]
The 10 songs on Lisa's debut album were composed by a who's who of rock, namely Bryan Adams, Joan Amatrading, Mark Gillespie, Nils Lofgren, Jim Vallance and Tom Waits.
Her first single off the album was the song "(That Is Not) No Way To Treat A Lady" but success did not materialize. The second single  "Willow" / "Pile Up On The Highway"  also missed the U.S. charts.
In the same year Lisa Bade went on as support with the Little River Band on their 1982 U.S. tour.
Published in 1985 Lisa Bade then released the single "Walk Away" / "Never Looked So Good".
She also sang in the bands Wilbur Wilde's Blowout, The Mark Gillespie Band and Pink Cadillac.
She then founded the Blues Rock Trio Lisa Bade & Devils River Band in Mansfield Victoria. Lisa also went on tour with Aussie bands Australian Crawl and John Farnham. "Suspicion" has also been released on CD in 2002, by the Gold Mine Label but is currently out of print.

Although this album is definitely one for collectors due to the involvement of prominent guest musician's of great interest, Lisa also has a lot to offer on her solo disc musically.  While researching this album, many sources have made reference to Peter Frampton playing guitar on her album under the pseudonym 'Shane Fontayne' but this has been discredited by several credible sources, nor was it mentioned in her recent 2011 interview. So let's put this one to bed folks - Frampton did not Come Alive on this album !
This post consists of MP3 (320kps) ripped from my personal vinyl which I purchased many years from Batman Records in Melbourne City. The cover is a little rough but the vinyl itself is pristine. I have enhanced the recording with additional bass, as I found the production to be a little tinny. Full album artwork is included along with screen captures of the Mornington Life Magazine article sourced from their website, with thanks.
Late addition: FLACs thanks to Sunshine from Midoztouch (cheers mate)
Track Listing
01. - No Way to Treat a Lady (B. Adams, J. Vallence)
02. - When Things Go Wrong (R. Lane)
03. - Jersey Girl (T. Waits)
04. - Pile Up on the Highway (N. Lofgren)
05. - Shakin' All Over (J. Kidd)
06. - Suspicion (S. Wilk)
07. - Murder at Mignight (S. Lynch, L. Whitman)
08. - You're the Weight (N. Lofgren)
09. - Losin' Feelin'(M.Gilespie)
10. - Willow (J. Armatrading)

Lisa Bade - lead vocals
Steve Lukather - guitars
Jeff Porcaro - drums

Mike Porcaro - bass
Mick Ronsom - guitars
Earl Slick - guitars
Waddy Wachtel - guitars
Shane Fontayne - guitars
John Regan - bass

Lisa Bade MP3 Link (86Mb)

Lisa Bade FLACs Link (275Mb)
New Link 15/09/2018

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