Friday, December 27, 2013

Budgie - Breadfunsy (1975) Bootleg

(U.K 1971 - Present)
Looking back to the 1970's most major rock bands released at least one live album in order to capture the excitement and spontaneity of a live performance. It therefore seems unusual that Budgie or their record companies of the period did not pursue this avenue to the fullest extent. Budgie were essentially a live act and the studio albums did not truly capture the same excitement as a live concert. The only official live recordings from this period appear to be concerts broadcast by radio (see Budgie's Website)

In 1974, the original drummer Ray Phillips had left the band and a replacement was needed to fulfill tour commitments. Pete Boot was drafted in and due to an album being required by the record company he ended up staying to record the album (In For The Kill). As Burke has said of the period "it was chaotic, we were trying to rehearse the live set, do the shows and write and record new material for the new album".

Pete Boot stayed for only one year and was eventually replaced by Steve Williams, just in time to record their next album, Bandolier. One of the shows from that time was broadcast from the Roadhouse, London in August 1975, one month before the new album 'Bandolier' was released. The album subsequently went on to reach #36 in the UK and was certified gold in 1976.  This show features early versions of "Napoleon Bona Part I&II" and "Who Do You Want For Your Love" from this album. The recording quality of 1975 radio is a long way from recordings that are done with today's technology however due to so much interest in the band in it's early days this show is another 'lost treasure' presented here for your enjoyment.

The 3 bonus BBC tracks were actually taken from a mega rare early 1973 UK 1st Press released by BBC Transcription Services. A 100 copies were pressed for radio stations only!!! Each band played for 28 minutes. They had fantastic audio quality - recorded live for small invited audience in Autumn 1972.
Without a doubt they are the rarest Budgie (and folk-progressive JSD Band) recordings ever!
Budgie segment were released on Heavier Than Air CD but in slightly lesser sound quality and without some announcements.

These 3 tracks were also made available through a 4 CD compilation called 'Don't Dare To Forget' which featured other bands, released by Oh Boy in 1991.
This post consists of both MP3 (320kps) and FLAC files (ripped from a Japanese Bootleg CD) and includes full album artwork. The three bonus BBC tracks were sourced from the internet many years ago and are only in MP3 format (160kps). If anyone else has these three rare tracks with a better bitrate, I'd love to hear from you. The quality of the Breadfunsy material is excellent and the guitar work by Tony Bourge is awesome - as you would expect.  Note that Shelley introduces Steve Williams at the start of Parents indicating that he had only just joined the band.
Track Listing:
01. Breadfan (9:41)
02. In For The Kill (8:43)
03. Parents (10:49)
04. Who Do You Want For Your Love? (6:39)
05. In The Glip Of A Tyrefitter's Hand (6:03)
06. Napoleon Bona (Part I&II) (7:15)
07. Rape Of The Locks (BBC - 1973) (6:52)
08. Rocking Man (BBC - 1973) (6:20)

09. Young Is A World (BBC - 1973) (9:13)

1975 Line-up:
Burke Shelley - bass, vocals
Tony Bourge - lead guitar
Steve Williams - drums

1973 Line-up:
Burke Shelley - bass, vocals
Tony Bourge - guitar
Ray Phillips - drums

Breadfunsy MP3 Link (72Mb)

Breadfunsy FLAC Link (311Mb)


  1. Your site is amazing. So much stuff I haven't heard in decades. Thank you for taking the time and energy to keep real music alive. One question though, Do you have any SCRA (Southern Contempary Rock Assembly)?

    1. Hi Mark
      Thanks for the complements :-)
      Yep - I've got two of their LP's - I'll post these very soon for you, so stay tuned

  2. The 4 tracks from the 1972 BBC session (the 3 you have here plus Hot As A Docker's Armpit) are on a @ CD set called The BBC Sessions. I can point you to a source at a better bit rate.

  3. I have Radio Sessions 1974 & 1978. Great stuff. THis live recording (I'm grabbing the FLAC) should be great. I'd love to hear the 72 sessions in decent quality but thanks for what's available now. Well done.