Thursday, December 20, 2012

Goldrush - Live At Last (1983)

(Australian 1980 - 1985)
Back in 1980 when Tommy Emmanuel was taking a break from the guitar, he and his brother Phil put together a band called Goldrush with Tommy on drums and vocals, and Phil on Electric Lead and vocals. There is only one recording of the band recorded live direct to to disk with no overdubbing. This is it. Other band members include David Mare or vocals, acoustic and electric guitar, Chris Haigh on bass guitar and vocals, Mark Collins on banjo, mandolin, electric guitar and vocals. This Sydney based country/bluegrass/rock band played predominantly Neil Young stuff at the time along with some America and Lynard Skynard material. 
In 1983 “Goldrush-Live at Last” was released on an unsuspecting public. It was different from everything else that was out there at the time. It was predominantly Country rock/Bluegrass in it’s feel, but the band featured some of Australia’s most outstanding musical talent. Phil Emmanuel: Electric guitars Tommy Emmanuel: Drums Mark Collins: Banjo, Mandolin and guitars Dave Mare: Lead vocals/Accoustic and Electric guitars Chris Haigh: Bass guitar
Phil Emmanuel
An original track penned by Dave Mare and Dennis James titled, “Keep in touch”, received some limited airplay being released as the band's only single (backed by T.F.F) and now fetches big money on eBay (last one I saw went for $47). But it was live where Goldrush really made it’s mark, with the audience being totally spellbound by the guitar wizardry of Phil Emmanuel, the finger gymnastics of Mark collins, and the novelty of Tommy Emmanuel, now a world class guitarist, playing drums.” [extract from Australian Music History]
Tommy Emmanuel gained further prominence in the late 1970s as the lead guitarist in The Southern Star Band, the backing group for vocalist Doug Parkinson. During the early 1980s, he joined the reformed lineup of leading 1970s rock group Dragon, touring widely with them, including a 1987 tour with Tina Turner. He left the group to embark on a solo career. Throughout his career he has played with many notable artists including Chet Atkins, Eric Clapton, Sir George Martin, Air Supply, John Denver, Les Paul, Edgar Cruz and Doc Watson.
Tommy Emmanuel
In 1994, Australian music veteran John Farnham invited him to play guitar next to Stuart Fraser from Noiseworks for the Concert For Rwanda. Emmanuel became a member of Farnham's band.
Emmanuel and his brother Phil performed live in Sydney at the closing ceremony of the Summer Olympics in 2000. The event was televised worldwide with an estimated 2.85 billion viewers. When performing together the pair will sometimes share and play just one guitar with each having one hand free.
This post is for a mate of mine, Steve, who requested the album recently at a 60th Birthday party. It is a Vinyl Rip in FLAC and MP3 (320kps) format - my copy is almost virgin and exhibits very little surface noise. You'd almost swear the thing was ripped from CD. As usual, full album artwork is included along with label scans.
01. White Russia
02. Sweet Elise
03. Cactus
04. TFF

05. Desert Wind
06. Keep In Touch
07. Duelling Banjos
08. Sweet Home Alabama

09. Dixie Breakdown
Band Members:
Doug Bligh – Drums
Mark Collins – Banjo, Mandolin, Guitar and Vocals
Guy Dickerson – Guitar and Vocals
Tommy Emmanuel – Drums and Guitar
Phil Emmanuel – Guitar
Chris Haigh – Bass and Vocals
David Mare – Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica
Tony Slavich – Keyboards
John Spence – Drums
Bruce Worrell – Bass
Goldrush MP3 Link  (111Mb)

Goldrush FLAC Link (291Mb)  New Link 09/09/2018


  1. Can't say I've ever heard of this album, but am grabbing it anyway on account of the players listed as being on board. Thanks for sharing this little known slice of Oz Rock history.

  2. This is serious history of talented musos before world domination!

  3. This is just great music with the Emmanuel brothers guitar work. I was wrapped in this album the first time I heard it. Just superb. One of the greatest Aussie recordings ever made. Wow, does this bring back memories of hot Friday nights sculling beer at the local! Thanks.

    1. Glad this brought back some fond memories for you.
      Totally agree with the accolades for Tommy and Phil - highly skilled musicians indeed.
      Can totally relate to those Friday nights after work at the pub, knocking down of few frothies while listening to the local talent, some who have become true legends of Aussie Rock.

  4. I was dragged, drunk, to see these guys play at Tamworth circa 1986. They started way late, so I might have started to sober up, but I was mesmerised by their sheer talent. One of the very best live shows of my life.

  5. Fantastic . I have the cassette of this , but it's very old. Great to get a clear version again. Saw Phil; Emmanuel play up here on Friday night . He sure still has it :)

    1. Glad I could help out - I too saw Phil play, at the Corner Hotel in Richmond some years ago when he supported Budgie while they toured Australia. He is certainly as talented as his brother Tommy, but sadly not as well known. Cheers

  6. Hi, Over many years, I've been taking the original cassette I had of this album and had it EQ'd by an audio engineer in about 1998. He put it on a DAT cassette for me. I then eventually converted it to mp3s and have a copy of them. I've downloaded the ones from your link and have to say that mine could be better. Desert Wind seems to have some speed changes in it that sound like tape stretching to me. I would be happy to share them !!!!

  7. This is an outstanding album I have had on vinyl since the mid 80s. The solo in Desert Wind is a sublime monster - Phil at his best. Have seen Phil and Tommy together and separately a few times over the years - always a blast. I also have a cassette recording of the two of them from an unknown live gig I got hold of many years ago.
    I think Tommy is selling a vinyl rip CD of Live at Last on his official site.

    1. Fully agree with your appraisal. I saw Phil play some years ago when he was supporting Budgie's 2009 Australasian tour - and can a test to the fact that he is as good a guitarist as his brother Tommy. What a night it was - blown away with Phil and then totally deafened by Budgie - awesome !

  8. Do you remember the brothers used to do the "trick" where they would both play the one guitar. From memory, I think Tommy would play the neck while standing just next to Phil who would pick the strings. Astonishing!