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Jimi Hendrix - The Blues Project Outtakes (1968-70) Ex Bootleg

(U.S 1967-1970)
1994 saw the release of the Alan Douglas produced "Blues" album.
This was seen as one of his better efforts during his time managing Jimi's music. A cassette containing three outtakes was sent to a couple of high profile collectors shortly after. This tape contained "Villanova Junction Blues", "Hear My train A Comin" and "Belly Button Window". For a while this tape was in very limited circulation amongst a few hard core collectors.
Later the tracks saw the first light of day on the bootleg "500000 Halos" which was named after line in a poem written by Jimi post Woodstock. However there were more outtakes than those three and more has leaked out over the years (albeit in limited circulation).
I am a little dubious about the generation of this material but it is nevertheless of extremely high quality. There is a certain amount of tape hiss present here and there but that could just be from the transfer to cassette.

Band Of Gypsys
The tracks in this post are taken from a set of 11 CDRS titled the Blues Project Outtakes. "Hear My train A Comin' " is a composite made by Douglas of two different takes. "New Rising Sun" and the 27 minute Band Of Gypsys "Villanova Junction Blues Jam" are not in general circulation as far as I know. "Country Blues" was released on the EH Box Set but this version of the straight mix is longer.
This is a great "bootleg" CD with 7 tracks on it. I have heard most of the tracks on other rare CDs, but the 27min rendition of "Villanova Junction Blues Jam" was new to me. This jam includes Buddy Miles and Billy Cox. It starts out slowly with Jimi playing a riff and then the other guys kick it in a couple of minutes later. It goes into a heavy jam which is in classic Band of Gypsys style. It gets really jazzy and then picks up again. A Fantastic track which makes this Bootleg a necessary addition to any Hendrix Collection.
This CD also has a killer version of "Belly Button Window", with a different vocal track and some really sweet guitar work. There's a heavy version of "Hear My Train a Comin' ", that I have already heard but it sounds a little better quality here. Definitely a great acquisition for the Hendrix fan.
This post consists of mp3 (320kps) taken from FLACs which I sourced on the Internet some time ago. Some artwork is included. These recordings are of excellent quality.
Track Listing
01 - New Rising Sun (8.26)

02 - Country Blues (straight mix) (8.37)

03 - Hear My train A Comin' (8.07)

04 - Belly Button Window (2.25)

05 - The Things That I Used To Do (5.45)

06 - Villanova Junction Blues Jam (27.34)

07 - 3 Little Bears/South Saturn Delta (12.44)

Band Members:
Jimi Hendrix (Guitar & Vocals)
Billy Cox (Bass)

Buddy Miles (Drums)

Jimi Hendrix Link (162Mb) New Link 06/05/2018


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