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Captain Beyond - Swedish Rock Festival (1999) VG SB

(U.S 1971-79, 1998-2000)
Sweden Rock Festival is an annual rock/metal festival held in Sweden since June 6, 1992. While having a clear rock/metal focus, the festival is noted for its diversity across these genres, having featured southern rock bands such as Molly Hatchet to death metal legends like Obituary. The first version of the festival was held in Olofström, with nine bands performing. The next five years, the festival was held in Karlshamn, but this was changed in 1998. Since then the festival has been held in Norje, outside Sölvesborg. When the festival first began in 1992, it featured nine relatively unknown bands and it only lasted one day. The next year the festival was expanded to two days and more bands were added to the line-up. From 1993 to 2002, the festival would last two days; over those years it would also begin to feature bigger name acts. In 2000 the festival was expanded to three days but it returned to two days the following year. From 2003 to 2006, the festival lasted three days and had by then featured some of the biggest acts in metal and rock. From 2007 the festival has been expanded to four days and will feature approximately 120 different bands/artists.

Captain Beyond played their first gig in 20 years at this festival. Their astonishing debut was released in 1972, with tracks like "Dancing Madly Backwards" and "Mesmerization Eclipse". Then with Rod Evans on vocals (Deep Purple's first singer). "Sufficiently Breathless" came 1973 and the third and last album, "Dawn Explosion" came 1977 and two years later the band split up. By the end of 1998 guitarist Rhino and drummer Caldwell decided to put Captain Beyond together again and hired Jimi Interval on vocals, Dan Frye on keyboards and Jeff Artabasy on bass. A new album was scheduled to be released by fall of 1999 (but didn't appear until 2000 when they released a 4 track EP) accompanied with a tour that is supposed to reach Sweden in September or October. The highlight was "Mesmerization Eclipse" that was heard for the second time of the day, after the cover by another band 'Lotus' who also played at the same concert.
Sweden Rock Festival 1999 - Line Up
Budgie, Canned Heat, Captain Beyond, Dave Hole, David Lee Roth, Dare, Deep Purple, Dio, Entombed, Freak Kitchen, Gamma Ray, Hammerfall, LA Doors, Lions Share, Lok, Lotus + special guest Brian Robertson, Manowar, Mercyful Fate feat. King Diamond, Motörhead, MSG, Scorpions, The Quill, U.D.O.
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The rip provided was taken from Flacs and converted to 320kps mp3's.
It includes full album artwork along with photo's of the concert (mostly taken by Patrick Wikström). The recording is very good although it does lack some bass at times.
It is also unique in that it contains the full set list from this Swedish concert, unlike other bootlegs which are missing the last 4 tracks.
Gig Details

Time: 5.34 p.m. - 6.46 p.m. (78 min)
01. Voyages of Past Travellers - Distant Sun
02. Dancing Madly Backwards - Armworth - Myopic void
03. Breath of fire (part I) - Thousand days of yesterdays (intro)
04. Frozen Over

05. Sufficiently Breathless
06. Everything's A Circle
07. Raging River Of Fear
08. Fantasy (with some technical problems)
09. Starglow Energy - Thousand Days Of Yesterday
10. Mesmerization Eclipse
Encore: 6.48 p.m. - 6.54 p.m.

11. Oblivion

Larry "Rhino" Reinhardt - Lead Guitars
Bobby Caldwell - Drums
Jimi Interval - Lead Vocals
Jeff Artabasy - Bass Guitar
Dan Frye - Keyboards
Captain Beyond Live (171Mb) New Link 06/03/2016


  1. Isn't rare like Rod Evans live recordings, but it's a must have for fans of Captain Beyond.

    Thank you!

  2. Glad that you liked my pictures taken on lacation.