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Taste - Knights Of Love (1977)

(Australian 1975-1977, Present)
Every band has its influences but Taste 's current passion for hand-me-down silks from Queen, circa the Ogre's Battle and days of Queen I and Queen II albums, is astonishing.
Queen themselves were caught out throwing Led Zep and Yes into the milk blender on their first album, but Taste zip right between the cosmic thrill of Jon Anderson and the dinosaur bellow of Robert Plant to end up in the most twee reaches of Freddie Land. And really, it just doesn't suit them at all. As headed by Ken Murdoch they can be one hell of a snotnosed, hard edged, street rock band - capable of delivering a sneering rush of energy, better than most young bands around Oz.

So why they've gone all passionate for such pretentious moments as "Teenage Anthem" [riff sounds alot like Zep's Black Dog] and "Just As The Water Flows" and "Witches Brew" (the later replace with Uriah Heepish chorus trills) without ever once letting on the whole thing is just a joke is puzzling. I mean, it's gotta be a joke! These guys are a fighting little combo, who exist on youthful guitar pyrotechnics and one night knee-tremblers. Sure they try to dress up such moments in winsome melodies (eg. "Rebecca", "A Little Romance") but these guys are punks at heart, have been for years.

And it's truly awful to hear them waste good backing tracks on ornate, flim flam like "Long May Love Reign Over Me" and "Over The Glen (& Far Away)".
The best plan by far is to somehow blot out the lyrics and concentrate on the music, which is all second-generation Britrock riff-erama. But they play it very well.
On the credit side, "A Little Romance" does feature a most appealing, wistful melody, plus a top arrangement. It deserved better than the lowly chart placing it reached as a single. So what if it's a schmuck - it's still better schmuck than most of what's on the hit parade these days.
Same goes for "Boys Will Be Boys" and "Rebecca"
And guitarist Joey Amenta does throw off his satin cloak for just a moment to deliver a blast of chunky, frantic blues guitar in "Mainstreet". [Review by Anthony Grady, RAM magazine #66, Sept 9, 1977]
Taste have reformed recently and have completed a new album of 10 new originals. "Rock Is Dead" is now released and available on their website.
Rip taken from Vinyl at 192kps and includes limited artwork. Source Unknown. .
Track Listing
01 - Teenage Anthem

02 - Rebecca

03 - Mainstreet

3XY April 8th 1977
04 - Long May Love Reign
05 - A Little Romance
06 - Boys Will Be Boys

07 - Just As the Water Flows

08 - Witches Brew

09 - Over the Glen

Band Members:
Ken Murdoch ( Lead Vocals / Guitar)
Joey Amenta (Guitar / Vocals)
Michael Tortoni (Bass Guitar)
Virgil Donati (Drums)
.Link Removed.  Taste have released a remastered Best Of Compilation CD on their website which contains most of these songs. Please support our local artists.

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