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John Dallimore - 70's Audio Archives + Bonus Tracks

(Australian 1975-1980, 2007)
As a child prodigy on guitar, John Dallimore was gigging by the age of eleven with musos twice his age, and supporting bands such as Rick Springfield's Zoot.
John Dallimore was just 17 years of age when he joined a popular Geelong (Australian) band called the 'Redhouse Roll Band', which quickly built up a strong following on the Melbourne pub circuit as a hard-working heavy rock band. In July 1976, De Jongh left the band to join Hush. Graham Matters (on vocals) and Garry Quince (on guitar and keyboards) took his place. In September, Redhouse entered the studio to record a debut album, 'One More Squeeze'.
Dallimore's prodigious guitar playing on the album’s title track is hailed as ‘one of the best solos ever recorded’ in Australia!
The album did not reflect the band's onstage energy and presented as a lightweight guitar-pop LP. The album produced the singles "I Like Dancing" (October 1976) and "Who's Foolin' Who?" (February 1977).
In December, long-serving bass player Jack Green took over management of the band and Redhouse played the pub circuit with a new line-up of Dallimore, Crothall, Gary's brother Rick Crothall on bass, and Joey Amenta (ex-Taste) on guitar. Amenta did not last long and left in March 1978 to join the Russell Morris Band. Redhouse continued as a three-piece for several months before finally calling it quits.
In late 1978, John Dallimore and Rick Crothall formed a new band - a loud, heavy rock band in the tradition of Rose Tattoo and AC/DC. The band were modestly called Dallimore. The band issued one single (and a very catchy one at that!), called "We Are The Kids", in August 1980.

Dallimore were a fantastic live band but perhaps due to the lack of success of the single, Dallimore accepted an offer by Jon English to join his backing band - the Foster Brothers band. He also played on former AC/DC & Rabbit singer Dave Evans' album “Thunder Down Under in 1985, but was never made an official member of his band. John Dallimore has the kind of finesse on guitar that puts his playing into another realm. His originality, technical ability and improvisations make him a legend amongst serious guitarists. As a session player, Dallimore's interpretation on guitar extends to numerous recordings including, Grammy Award winning artists. Dallimore has toured extensively both nationally and abroad supporting such artists as Ray Charles, Wilson Pickett, James Brown, Deep Purple and AC/DC.
The RIP included here was taken from a CD that was released by Dallimore in 2006 (thanks to Keith from Midoztouch for providing the 320kps mp3's) and also includes both sides of Dallimore's 1980 single, two live tracks from the Canned Rock Concert, a recent live track with Max Merritt and a rare video of JD playing with the Redhouse Roll Band back in the early 70's.
Track Listing
01 - The Scream
02 - What Kinda People
03 - One More Squeeze
04 - The Leader
05 - Arabian Fortune
[Bonus Tracks]
06 - We Are The Kids (Single A - 1980)
07 - Women Together (Single B - 1980)
08 - Heartbreaker (Live - 1979)
09 - Long Distance Frog (Live - 1979)
10 - Live with Max Merritt and the Meteors (2007)

# Bonus video - a young Dallimore playing with Redhouse Roll Band
John Dallimore Link (126Mb) New Link 24/12/2022


  1. Excellent rock! thank you very much

  2. Thanks for posting something much needed. I feel very lucky and treasure all the gigs JD, Westy and Manny aka (ralfhodges) gave my band of the day Slow Motion, another Geelong rock band of the early 80s. Cheers

  3. Didn't know who JD was when I first heard "One more squeeze", that was year 1984 in Lahore, Pakistan. Loved the guitar work and lead so much that I decided to become a guitarist.

  4. Love this artist's & what he has given to all of us❤

  5. Grato por disponibilizar esta maravilha sonora!