Tuesday, September 29, 2009

WOCK On Vinyl - Aussie Radio Jingles

Before things get too serious at Rock On Vinyl, I thought it might be fun to post a song at the end of each month, that could be considered to be either Weird, Obscure, Crazy or just plain Korny.
This WOCK posting comes under the 'Obscure' category. Music is a big seller of products and services and is an important part of advertising. In particular, well known bands and artists have been used to reproduce commercial jingles to sell their products, and Aussie bands are no exception. This posting provides a sample of the more classic jingles from such bands as The Easybeats, The Masters Apprentices, The Bee Gees and Hush. Most of these jingles were sourced from a series of CD's called the "Psychedelic Promos & Radio Spots" and contain many other international artists.
One Easybeat's promo for Coca Cola was released in 1966 and was called "Swing the Jingle for Coca Cola". Released on a various artists one-sided EP (EMI Custom, PRS 1610), it included Easybeats Coke Jingle # 1 (Wright-Young). I am unsure of when the second jingle (included here) was released.
In 1968, the Bee Gees wrote and recorded two songs for Coca-cola. It sounds as if Bill Shepherd is doing the orchestrations. I've heard them on tape, but not on any commerical (no pun intended) releases. One jingle is entitled "Another Cold and Windy Day". This tune is reminiscent of "Holiday," and features Robin seeking solace to his miserable and unceasing agony in a bottle of sugared phosphoric acid (otherwise known as Coca-Cola). If Tolstoy were to write soft drink jingles, they would sound like this. "...I turn my face into the sun, the time of winter has begun..."The other clip is "Sitting in the Meadow", which is rather similar to "Sir Geoffrey Saved the World". Robin leads on this upbeat tune, with Barry joining in on the chorus. "Sitting in the meadow, frolic in the grass / Wouldn't you be lazy, everybody asks..." and so on.
Other bands chosen to do Coca Cola jingles have been 'The Who' (things go better with), 'The Moody Blues' (chasing the sun), 'The Troggs' (little miss Mary) and 'The Box Tops' (hey there taxi) to name but a few.
The Masters Apprentices jingle for Ford was released in May, 1970. (Ford Cortina promo, W&G Custom). This is a fabulous, hard to find, Australian manufactured one sided 7" 45 r.p.m. record from Masters Appentices / The Groop, titled "CORTINA JINGLE / MANDRAKE WINE". It was only pressed in Australia [CAT #ML10064]. This is a split one-side only record that was a product give-away in 1989. It came housed in a plain white diecut paper bag inside a stiff outer white card sleeve.
Hush was a 1970s Australian Glam Rock pop group and became famous during frequent appearances on the ABC show Countdown for teenagers and live concerts, and are best remembered for their hit single "Boney Moroney". In 1974, they recorded a one sided promo single for Colonial Jeans called "Get Flaired" (WP-1). I'm sad to say that I remember hearing this jingle on the radio and probably bought a pair of Colonial Jeans because of it - LOL. (thanks to Ozzie Music Man for this track and label scan).
All Jingles have been ripped at 320kps because you know what they say - Things Sound Better At 320kps !

Track Listing
01 - The Easybeats - Coke Spot #1
02 - The Easybeats - Coke Spot #2
03 - The Bee Gees- Coke Spot #1
04 - The Bee Gees - Coke Spot #1
05 - Hush - Get Flaired
06 - Masters Apprentices - Ford Cortina Spot

.Aussie Radio Jingles Link (17Mb) New Link 16/06/2017


  1. Hi thanks for these, do you remember Sherbet's 4 7 11 add? I wonder if anyone has it? You never know, thanks again mate.

  2. Sorry Ozzie - not familiar with this one but I'll certainly keep an eye out for it.

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