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Truth And Janey - Erupts (Live 1976)

(U.S 1969 - 1976)
Taking their name from the seminal Jeff Beck Group album and formed sometime in late ‘69 in a small city in Iowa , vocalist/guitarist Billy Janey, vocalist/bassist Steven Bock, and drummer Denis Bunce (original percussionist John Fillingsworth lasted less than a year) began penning original material, recorded a pair of singles in 1972/1973, and then evolved into Truth and Janey when informed that another band already held rights to the Truth moniker before them. Arduous roadwork in the neighboring states kept the band busy in years to come, but the absence of a major record deal eventually drove them to finance their own album — a fierce and bluesy hard rocker to be entitled 'No Rest for the Wicked' — at a studio in nearby Ames. They released this through a local independent label, and its 1,000-unit pressing quickly sold out among their dedicated fans in the region — but that was it. With no apparent career-advancing prospects in their near future, Truth and Janey disbanded the following year, with main man Janey turning to blues and adding a "Lee" to his name before recording several albums throughout the '80s and '90s.
However, the Truth and Janey sound is probably captured best on this live record. It's a mix of classic rock, psychedelic guitar rock reminiscent of Hendrix, and the progressive structures of a band like Budgie. Lots of jammy parts, some of them heavier than others of course. Some of it reminds me of the same kind of deep blues rooted 'Cream' material. Nice and heavy, but soulful and tastefully done. This Truth and Janey album shows that some things never change … even in almost 30 years. This masterful live recording from April 8, 1976 at the Col. Ballroom in Davenport, Iowa showcases why bands today should be paying homage to Truth and Janey. They were laying down the heavy, slugging it out on the circuit, rolling off riff after riff, tasteful extended solo after solo… doing things their way, while thumbing their noses to the era of disco. Sonically, this is the best kind of band sponsored live release. It sounds like a bootleg from an audience member, but a bootleg done off the soundboard after slipping the soundman a twenty. It’s clear, but it’s raw. Instruments are all at discernable levels, and vocals are spot on, but there’s a rough quality here that allows the listener to be taken back 28 years and dropped dead center in front of Bill Janey lighting up his stratocaster. I mean, if you like ‘live’ recordings that make you feel as if you were at the show, this one’s for you.
Musically, they take all the influences of the day (Hendrix, Cream, Captain Beyond, etc.) and manage to create their own sound and unique songs. Bill Janey is a guitarist extraordinaire. Steve Bock’s bass playing would turn lesser players’ fingers into pretzel knots. Dennis Bunce keeps time like a Rolex without the pretentiousness. Furthermore, I catch Marc Bolan/T. Rex warble in Janey’s vocals which is a plus in my book. All in all, an excellent live recording that engages the listener as close to the live experience as possible. If you like the obscure and enjoy digging into the past, then you will enjoy this (extract from ChrisGoesRock)
This rip was taken from a CD pressing at 256kbs and includes Album Artwork
Track Listing:
01. No Rest for the Wicked
02. Birth of the Heart
03. Universal Light
04. A Child
05. Building Walls
06. Tunnel of Tomorrow
07. The Light
08. One Down One to Go
09. White Bread
10. My Mind
11. As I Am
12. Ain’t No Tellin
13. Hard Road
Band Members
Bill Janey – Guitars, Vocals
Steve Bock – Bass, Vocals
Denis Bunce – Drums, Vocals
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  1. Thank you very much for this good copy, this is without a doubt an excellent live demonstration of their legendary Heavy Psy. record "No Rest for the Wicked" .